Sunday, August 30, 2015

Decluttering Update #11

Yay! Three months in a row! ^_^ Little earlier than I normally post my empties, but I feel like if I wait 'til tomorrow then I'll forget, so... I'll just do it now. Not like I plan on using up anything today or tomorrow.

Starting with:

This little tube of GlamGlow Power Mud cleanser that I believe Jasmine sent. It's like a mask/cleanser that's supposed to really get in and clean out your pores. I used a Biore pore strip after and it still pulled out tons of gunk (gross), but it felt really good on my skin and left my face really soft.

Cute little tin of Hello Kitty Bebe hand cream from gin shivers. I loved this so much. It was kind of thick, but absorbed really quickly. It smelled nice and, of course, I'm hanging onto the tin. I'll think of something to put in it.

Two Julep products!

I didn't technically finish this. My backup bottle suffered from some evaporation (WHAT?!) so I dumped what little was left into that. I love this stuff so much; if they offered it free in the Maven boxes more often I just might scrounge enough for more Maven boxes.

This stuff... I'm glad to not have it hanging over my head anymore. It's not a terrible product, but as an 'after shower' step I just had the hardest time remembering to use it. Not to mention wet-from-shower and "dry" oil made holding and using the bottle difficult. They should put it in the kind of spray bottle that has a trigger. That would be much easier to use when wet.

Pantene BB Creme for hair! I love this stuff and will repurchase as soon as Walgreens (or HEB) has another good sale. It made my hair feel so soft before and after straightening. The "before" being the impressive part. lol

Little tube of CeraVe face cream I picked up at my mom's dermatologist. Didn't use it regularly, but... ya know... it's lotion.

So sad to see this one go! I love the DKNY Be Delicious scents and Fresh Blossom was so nice. Flowery and sweet, but not too sweet. Very fresh and feminine, but not overly adult either. Although if I was going to pay money I'd get the green apple one, Fresh Blossom runs a close second.

Thanks to BzzAgent I feel like I've talked this deodorant to death. lol This is the sample they sent and I did actually buy a full size since Walgreens had it on sale. It's a pretty good product, especially if you wear a lot of dark clothes (yes, even in the summer) and unlike previous gels I've tried it dried really quickly. The "epic 48" ("where 24 hours feels like 48") claim was total bull for me, but I sweat a lot so I don't know why I was expecting miracles. Still, it's not any worse than other products I've tried (and better than a few) so it's worth grabbing on sale.

Okay... so I picked this up at one of my first Sally's sales *cough~threeyearsago~coughcough* and finally used it up. Nothing wrong with it, just had it tucked away by my bed for emergencies so it often got forgotten.

Ah, HEB and their samples. I only got one this time (unlike the week's worth of the Garnier I nabbed when they had the samples hidden away in the back of cosmetics) so I can't say how well it works over time, but it lathered up well and smelled nice and, ya know, free.

Woohoo! A whole ten! Doubt I'll do as well next month, but there are a few products I'm being mindful to use (fairly) regularly. So September (and subsequently October and November) is fast approaching. Last night I sat down and wrote out the after-tax cost of everything in my queue and how much I have actually saved up. Did a little head-math for a conservative estimate and I think I'll be okay. I most definitely would if I hadn't decided last minute on Aaron's surprise birthday present. If I can stay focused for the next two months and not splurge anymore... I think I can do it. Wish me luck! I'll be back September 2nd with two Sinful swatches. Hope everyone had a fantastic summer! (^_^)"/"


  1. I wish they had free samples in the supermarkets and drug stores over here. Instead we get to buy miniatures so we can try stuff out... doesn't sound nearly as appealing as FREE though ;)

    1. Free is always better. ;) Although minis are nice, too. Better than paying full price for something you might end up hating.


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