Saturday, August 15, 2015

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate BP49 & Lizard Decals

Hello, lovelies! Today I'm reviewing two items I got from Born Pretty Store. Starting with Stamping Plate BP49 which I ordered as soon as I saw it, and it arrived super quickly!!

Sailor Moon designs! The planetary symbols could be written off as non-specific, but this plate also includes her scepter and transformation brooch. Love!

Initially I was concerned about isolating specific images, but then I thought "I'll just go over my whole nail!" and that worked perfectly. I had no issues with any of the images transferring. This is my new favorite stamping plate.

For those who are interested I used Color Club Eternal Beauty as my base and Color Club Beyond for the stamping. Stamping Plate BP49 is currently on sale for $1.49 so now is the perfect time to snatch one up!

I ordered the Lizard print water decals a while ago and finally decided to give them a shot.

These are great for when you want some nail art, but don't feel like going through the trouble of doing it yourself. There are 14 decals in 7 different sizes so you can choose which ones fit your nails best. They were all a little small on my nails so I applied these over black polish.

This is so cool and I didn't have the same problems with bunching that I had with other full-nail decals. The lizard print water decals are $2.53 for a set, but they come in a variety of designs and you can get discounted pricing on ordering more.

Hope you enjoyed my reviews. Let me know if you get either of these and I want to see pictures! Stay cool and safe. Love you guys! (^_^)"/"


  1. Hehe, that stamping plate should be on it's way to me as we speak... eh... write ;)
    I didn't know it was Sailor Moon related (still have to google that, don't even know what Sailor Moon is...) but I liked the different hearts on it, so I figured it would be nice for Valentine.

    1. YAY! *flails* ^_^ I got into Sailor Moon as a teenager, so I can't say how enjoyable it would be fresh as an adult. It was a manga, then an anime (the original Japanese version is way better than the English dubbed), and was recently refreshed for free on hulu:

      Looks like they have a bunch of the original for free, too:

      Sucks it cuts off at the beginning of Season 4. That was one of my favorites. :'( I wonder if I still have that on my old hard drive.... ;)


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