Thursday, July 16, 2015

Color Club: Lady Holiday & #SBBNailChallenge - 8 - Gradient

Oh my goodness I'm so brain-fried and scattered right now. I hope this ends up making at least a little sense. lol (maybe the Sims 4 Asylum Challenge is having adverse effects?)

Today we're starting off with two absolutely perfect coats of a gorgeous, smooth grey - Lady Holiday:

The formula was a dream to work with. I didn't topcoat because I was expecting to do nail art (which I did) so lefty got a bit of sleep damage. I am still so bad about trying to do my nails before bed...

So my base color ended up having almost nothing to do with the nail art... lol I've been wanting to do some nail art with one (or more) of my many Polish Yer Hooves polishes and finally it came to me: gradient!

Sort of gradient? The colors didn't quite blend, but that's probably because I worked so hard to make sure the three colors were still distinct. Which colors? The Divine Bovine, Blue Mooon and The Purple Cow.

I was going to topcoat to see what that looked like, but... I really like the texture.

My stupid phone was being spazzy about picking up how truly sparkly this was. *grumbles* Where are we on those eyeball-cameras? *looks around* Nowhere? Super...


Got a gorgeous neon swatch coming up in addition to another #SBBNailChallenge. Really really really need to start figuring out what I'm going to do for 47 - Tribal because I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with that. lol

So... yeah. Lots going on in my head at the moment... my dad should be headed back to work tomorrow, so that's good. Even though I hit my goal weight months ago I'm still managing to lose so that's a little concerning. Down to 143lbs which puts me 8lbs over my high school weight. The thing is... I'm not that girl anymore and, to be frank, I think I was too skinny back then. Lemme see what I can dig up...

And to think I thought I was fat... Fun fact: That's not my natural hair color either. XD *ahem* Oh, and before anybody gets excited... That shirt was a hand-me-down. I know it's a band shirt, but that's all I know. It means nothing to me.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I don't want to look like that again so I'm still trying to increase my calorie intake to find a good balance. Problem is days like yesterday where I just don't eat much. I'm rambling...

Rambling Lizzy means it's time for me to crawl back into Sims. *hugs everybody* Hope y'all have had a great week and have a great weekend ahead. Take care of yourselves out there. (^_^)"/"


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! ^_^ I'm really happy with how it turned out.

  2. Very nice gradient with the glitters :)

  3. Hah, love your baggy jeans in that photo!
    Also love the gradient, so summery and beachy

    1. LMAO! I wanna say they were hand-me-downs? I could be wrong.

      Ooh, it is kinda beachy. ^_^

  4. LOVELY grey! Yep, definitely want that (or something dupe-y <- that's a word, honest!!) for fall :)
    And your gradient is gorgeous as well, but you already knew that, right? Yep, you did!
    (and please make sure there is no underlying nasty reason that causes you to losing weight... take care)

    1. Aw *TACKLEHUGS* I'm as healthy as a horse, just a bit paranoid since the last time I lost the weight I hit a bad depression and binge-ate my way back up. I've slowly been raising my calorie goal so hopefully I'll find what works for me soon. :)


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