Friday, July 31, 2015

Decluttering Update #10

AKA: My July Empties. Not a lot this month, but I do have a few things.

First up this "Very Sexy" rollerball perfume by Victoria's Secret. In all honesty, it didn't make me feel very sexy. It smelled... rather sharp and a little too musky for me. I'm glad to be rid of it.

A massive THANK YOU to Jasmine for this Burberry London sample. It smelled so pretty! Not too sweet or flowery like I usually wear, but soft and sophisticated. And I've never had anybody say "Are you wearing ____?" before!

Also this skin brightening sample. I didn't notice any particular difference in the look of my skin, but it felt so good on my face.

I still have a bit of the lock-in serum, but I finished off the cleanser and moisturizer. I would totally buy these again on sale or with a coupon (or both), but $5/bottle is a bit more than I normally spend and we currently have a ton of half-empty bottles of stuff in the shower so I'm not in a hurry. Good stuff, though. It definitely seemed like it did what it said it would.

OMG This... I'm embarrassed to admit I've held onto this way longer than I probably should have, but it didn't smell off or turn funky or gritty so I kept using it. This is Maybelline Hydratime lipstick in Girlie. It was my go-to pink. I have a better one now that I'll be sharing soon.

Obviously I didn't finish these. An original formula Julep lipgloss (I hear they've since reformulated) and a Victoria's Secret lipgloss. *ugh* You hate sticky lipgloss? I hate sticky lipgoss. I have better ones now so I am not sad to let these go. Also, the Julep one started leaking so I'm really glad I caught it early.

That is all. Hopefully I'll have more to share at the end of August. When I come back I'll have the Luna swatch (including a link to a better swatch post) and hopefully a lippie post after. Hope everyone has a fantastic month ahead! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Color Club: Ultra-Astral

Another fabulous neon from Color Club. This is two coats of Ultra-Astral over white:

The thing about Ultra-Astral that both caught my attention and concerned me a little was the holo sparkle thrown in.

The holo was nice and sparkly and does add a little something extra, but it seemed like maybe the neon wasn't as bright as it could have been because of it? Maybe it's me.

I wanted to use this for the #SBBNailChallenge stamping prompt, but after getting the initial stamping done... I couldn't think of what else to do with it. I think the pink was throwing me off. I'm going to revisit my greyscale/dream inspired one soon.

Yeah, that's as far as I got and I don't think that's impressive enough to count for the stamping prompt. I'll do better.

One more post in July which will be my empties post; then I'll be starting off August with Ms Sparkle's Luna. I nearly waited since I just ordered a new Sailor Moon themed stamping plate from BPS, but... eh. I want to wear it so I shall. lol I think I need more topcoat, though... >_> I'm down to mixing inferior topcoats with my beloved NutraNail and that rarely works out well. *sigh* Anywho, I kind of destroyed the spare room last night so I should probably go fix that so I can do today's yoga. If anybody's curious I've taken to curating my own routine. I made some playlists and put videos together so I can do them together in a specific order:

Yoga 1: This one is easier containing the first two "beginner" videos plus a back stretching one for good measure.

Yoga 2: This one is for strengthening my pathetic muscles. lol I did it for the first time yesterday and it's a little brutal. I made it through, though, and I'm sure it'll get easier as I get stronger.

So there's that. I can't believe I'm down to five unworn polishes. I think my psychosis may have finally come under control. I mean... serious budget constraints help, but where there's a will there's a way, yeah? *shrugs* I guess that's it for now. Hope everyone is well and having a great week! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nabi: Metallic Emerald

Just a quick post today. I think my brain needs a nap.

Today I've got two coats of Nabi Metallic Emerald. It boasts a thicker formula, but seemed to dry quickly enough.

I wouldn't exactly call this color "emerald", but it's green and metallic and that's good enough for me.

Unfortunately Metallic Emerald didn't hold up as well as some of the others (even though I used my Bonder basecoat) and was chipping by the 2nd day.

So that was kind of sad and while I could have fixed it if I really wanted to do nail art... I decided that I did not. I'll come up with something later.

So, yeah, that's about it. Not a lot going on. Trying to clear out the spare room a bit. That's not fun since it's not air conditioned. Ah well. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

#SBBNailChallenge - 36 - Pink

Hey guys! "\"(^_^)"/" So after an off few days I painted my nails with Nabi Metallic Emerald because nothing makes Lizzy happy quite like metallic and green. Then last night I got pretty wasted and played hours upon hours of drunk Sims. That was great... in spite of the extra deaths. XD Got some good chatting in. Was a good night and my nails are pretty. Happy happy Lizzy.

So. Yes. Uhm... I think I did this #SBBNailChallenge was last week? I'm losing all track of time.

Pink! I used essence Free Hugs as the base and Hard Candy Little Bo Pink (which is about 1/3 empty! OMG!) and Models Own Studio 54 for the dots.

Pretty pretty pretty hehehehe I wore this for almost a whole week!


So, wow, just checked the calendar and this month is going to work out pretty perfectly with my current posting schedule. I have time for two more nail posts and then empties on the 31st. One of those nail posts with be Metallic Emerald. I do have a #SBBNailChallenge prompt for Metallic so I may do that or another swatch. I don't know yet. I'm loving this green so we'll see. Hope everyone's having a great week so far. Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Color Club: Lava Lamp

*deep breaths* Relax.... relax.... *deep breaths* relaaaax..... *twitches* In the interest of self-improvement I've decided to try to get myself back into yoga. I scoured the YouTubes and found this 30 Days Of Yoga series through Yoga With Adriene. She's pretty cool and funny and so far it's not terribly outside of my experience level. I was feeling pretty good for about an hour and now I'm all stressy and kinked up again so... definitely something I'm going to continue with. Not 100% sure about her "do what you feel" approach, but it might be good for me. We'll see...

Anyway, on to the polish! Today I have a gorgeous absolutely eye-searing neon orange from Color Club: Lava Lamp!

Yeah, okay, that picture in direct sun doesn't look like much, but stick with me. This is two coats over white and if you peek around the edge you can see that it is kinda sheer.

Totally worth taking the time for undies, though, because this really is one of the brightest oranges ever.

I actually had to trick my phone into capturing this mostly color-accurate pic. It kept trying to color-balance like I was lying to it about the color or something! lol Totally worth picking up if you're a neon junkie like me.

For the past few days I've been wearing my most recent #SBBNailChallenge mani so I think I'll probably take some time to do my nails tonight. If I can find my remover... *looks around*... I just saw it... *ugh* Anywho, hope everyone's had a fantastic week. Take care of yourselves. (^_^)"/"

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Color Club: Lady Holiday & #SBBNailChallenge - 8 - Gradient

Oh my goodness I'm so brain-fried and scattered right now. I hope this ends up making at least a little sense. lol (maybe the Sims 4 Asylum Challenge is having adverse effects?)

Today we're starting off with two absolutely perfect coats of a gorgeous, smooth grey - Lady Holiday:

The formula was a dream to work with. I didn't topcoat because I was expecting to do nail art (which I did) so lefty got a bit of sleep damage. I am still so bad about trying to do my nails before bed...

So my base color ended up having almost nothing to do with the nail art... lol I've been wanting to do some nail art with one (or more) of my many Polish Yer Hooves polishes and finally it came to me: gradient!

Sort of gradient? The colors didn't quite blend, but that's probably because I worked so hard to make sure the three colors were still distinct. Which colors? The Divine Bovine, Blue Mooon and The Purple Cow.

I was going to topcoat to see what that looked like, but... I really like the texture.

My stupid phone was being spazzy about picking up how truly sparkly this was. *grumbles* Where are we on those eyeball-cameras? *looks around* Nowhere? Super...


Got a gorgeous neon swatch coming up in addition to another #SBBNailChallenge. Really really really need to start figuring out what I'm going to do for 47 - Tribal because I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with that. lol

So... yeah. Lots going on in my head at the moment... my dad should be headed back to work tomorrow, so that's good. Even though I hit my goal weight months ago I'm still managing to lose so that's a little concerning. Down to 143lbs which puts me 8lbs over my high school weight. The thing is... I'm not that girl anymore and, to be frank, I think I was too skinny back then. Lemme see what I can dig up...

And to think I thought I was fat... Fun fact: That's not my natural hair color either. XD *ahem* Oh, and before anybody gets excited... That shirt was a hand-me-down. I know it's a band shirt, but that's all I know. It means nothing to me.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I don't want to look like that again so I'm still trying to increase my calorie intake to find a good balance. Problem is days like yesterday where I just don't eat much. I'm rambling...

Rambling Lizzy means it's time for me to crawl back into Sims. *hugs everybody* Hope y'all have had a great week and have a great weekend ahead. Take care of yourselves out there. (^_^)"/"

Monday, July 13, 2015

Impala: Conquiste Sempre + #SBBNailChallenge - 14 - Half Moons

We are starting off today with my final Impala polish: Conquiste Sempre. I was expecting this one to be a little more holo, but it's still pretty.

So glad these polishes dry quickly because this was another sheer one coming in at three coats for this mediocre level of opacity.

I did get some video to better show off the sparkle that Conquiste Sempre does have:

Very nice.

It's funny because even as I grabbed Zoya Storm for this #SBBNailChallenge I knew I had used it for half moons before and... if you click the "storm" link there you'll see that I have. Still, pretty color and I love using it.

I like how some people use the circle paper-hole protector stickers for this, but all I had was french tip guides so I used those.

Had some slight issues, but nothing too devastating.


Still one more #SBBNailChallenge to post. Maybe I'll come up with another in the coming days. Not going to push myself, though. Trying to keep it fun. Nail polish should be fun!

Does anybody miss my Sim blogs? lol I've been posting my Legacy Challenge and 100 Baby Challenge pictures on facebook to keep track of things, but I really want to try the Asylum challenge, too, and I don't know if I want to keep it on facebook or make a whole story out of it... I don't know. *shrugs* Maybe I'm getting back into the bad habit of trying to do too much. We'll see. So, yeah, if you'd like to see my Asylum Challenge posted here story-style then let me know! Hope everyone has a fantastic week and I will be back with another swatch and challenge post. (^_^)"/"

Friday, July 10, 2015

#SBBNailChallenge - 48 - Chevrons

Okay, so I mentioned a week (or two?) ago that my friend went and picked red of all colors; so I took the opportunity to turn it into a #SBBNailChallenge mani... mostly to tone down the red a bit. lol

I did use nail guides for this and had the hardest time lining them up. Even so, I don't think it turned out too badly. For the colors I used A England Perceval and Zoya Rory. Also, I did do both hands even though I wasn't thrilled with "having" to use red. lol

I'm almost out of these chevron guide stickers which is bittersweet. It's good to clear stuff out and I suck at them anyway, but when they're gone I probably won't get any more. Not on purpose anyway. I still have so many stickers and decals and stuff to go through as it is...

Ka-chick! But wait! There's more! I still have two more #SBBNailChallenge manis that I've done, too. So, ya know, things to look forward to. I said I was going to try and get back into doing these and so far I think I'm on track. I just need to be careful about not leaving the hardest ones for last.

Even though I'm determined to not bleach my hair until it all grows out, that doesn't mean I can't still do color! Splat does contain chemically ingredients, but it's not as harsh as "normal" hair dye and, for those of you who didn't know, Manic Panic is made with all natural plant extracts, 100% vegan, cruelty free and actually conditions your hair. The only shit part is that Splat is sold where I normally shop and I have to go out of my way for Manic Panic. Unless I get a surprise amazon gift card! (which I took as "you're hair is looking shabby, sort it out")

The lighter green before was Electric Lizard. This beautiful emeraldy green is Venus Envy. There is one more green I want to try before possibly going in a different direction. Hoping I can get something similar to Sailor Pluto's vampy green locks I'm going to try Enchanted Forest. {--click to see it on Pinterest. Assuming I can save enough nickles before getting fed up and doing something drastic...

Uhm... So I think that's it. My dad is off getting his new physical so he can retake the CDL test. *fingers crossed* I will be back in a couple of days with a fresh swatch and new #SBBNailChallenge. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Take care! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Formula X: Black Hole & Color Club: Prickly Pear

Before I start, does anybody else follow Galorious blog? It seems I can't read it now and I don't understand why... :(

So, in an effort to catch up and since these polishes are pretty straightforward, I decided to just do these two together. Then I can put them away and clean up my area a little.

First I have two coats of Formula X Black Hole, a very awesome kinda sparkly black texture polish.

So chic, fast drying, moderate texture. Very cool. Also, reminds me I was going to do something with all of my black textures... I should get on that...

Up next is three coats of Prickly Pear over white and if you look closely you can see that it's still very sheer even at three coats:

Love the color, hate the sheerness. :( Perhaps I can use it for some layered nail art at some point. Also, thanks to all of the coats I did have some drying issues, even with topcoat...

Blah. I'll think of something to do with it eventually. lol

Okay, so that leaves me with two #SBBNailChallenge posts (yep, did another last night) and one full swatch. For now, however, I'm going to see about motivating myself to pick up dinner. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far and (barring any kind of disaster) I'll see you in another three days. (^_^)"/"

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day #SBBNailChallenge - 9 - Polka Dots

So this wasn't the #SBBNailChallenge post that I was going to do, but I'll get to that one next because today is Independence Day here in America and I felt compelled to do a red, white and blue mani for it.

I did this sort of dotticure french tip with Nabi Metallic White as the base, KleanColor Metallic Sapphire for the main dots and KleanColor Metallic Red for the tips.

I feel like I may have seen something like this before, but... *shrugs* I like it.


So, yeah, I still have another #SBBNailChallenge and two swatches which will be posted up... eventually. I am still here, just trying not to get myself stuck in the "omg I have to post every day" crunch again. Especially since I'm not really buying polish at the moment. Ah well. Shit happens. Wishing a happy and safe weekend for everybody, especially my American readers because it's going to be crazy out there, and I will see y'all again soon. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Decluttering Update #9

I wanted to get this up last night, but I spent most of yesterday at the hospital with my dad (cath-cam didn't show anything that needed working on, so no new stents and he got to come home) and that was kind of an ordeal overall and I was just too exhausted to bother. I did want to get this up, though, since I do have a few things to share.

Starting with this Betty Boop perfume that my mom ordered from somewhere ages ago. Finally used it up! It's floral and a bit sweet and I really liked it for a long time, but the past few times it was almost too sweet? Unfortunately Aaron vetoed my throwing this bottle away in case we want to use it as a Queen of Hearts prop at some point. So that's still hanging around.

I didn't really like this Hanae Mori sample. It had a very sharp scent so I was wearing it all the time (even just sitting here at the computer) just to use it up.

Seaberry moisturizing face oil. I could have used this up quicker, but it's one of those things I forget to do. It did moisturize quite well, but took a long time to absorb. Given the choice I prefer the Tarte Maracuja oil.

A polish! Julep Hope. As much as I love this polish and am sad that I don't have a white matte anymore... I probably won't replace it. I can get white undies for 99cents and I have so many other polishes. It's a good one, though. If there's a good sale or something it's worth getting.

Still using the Splat Fade Defense and my hair has started doing some weird things. lol I know it's because I layered the Manic Panic neon green over the Splat blue-"green".

Some parts look more blue while some look more green. Minus my roots (which I'm debating not-bleaching anymore and just growing out) I still have color overall. I did pick up a tub of Manic Panic Venus Envy for cheap on amazon (forget running around looking for a specific color; that was a pain), but I'm holding off on that for just a little longer. Here's a shot with some leftover Splat Glow Green that I hadn't washed out yet...

That was a lot of fun. Wanna see?

The one-use glow stuff (I don't know if they still sell it anymore, this tube has been sitting around forever) is safe to use on skin and doesn't stain. I didn't use this up (even though Aaron and I went nuts with it), but it does glow really well and it was a lot of fun and... yeah.

So that's it. My empties and a bonus hair update. I do have a #SBBNailChallenge and hopefully two swatches if I don't bork this mani too badly before I get pictures. I woke up way too early so I'm going to go take a nap. Hope everyone is having a great week so far and a fantastic July ahead! (^_^)"/"