Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SBBNailChallenge - 4 - Green

Yep, decided to use my water marble for a #SBBNailChallenge! It's been so long since I've done one I'm starting to feel a little bad about that. So, first things first, here are the polishes I used:

Left to right: A England's Saint George, Dragon and Fotheringhay Castle.

So how did the water marble work out? Let's see! First in the sun:

And in the shade:

I think this is worthy of a video. hehehehe

I'm so happy with how this turned out. ^_^ I did have some slight issues with the polish drying in the water so they're not as random-swirly as I had initially envisioned, but that's okay. I have seen marbles done with straight linear holos that keep their rainbow through the marbeling process, but I like the scattered sparkle in this one. One day (perhaps for the "favorite technique" prompt) I'll do a linear holo marble. Until then:

Ka-chick! Looks like I'm about 1/3 done? I'll try to get more into that when I get back. Hopefully some fresh air in the middle of nowhere will rejuvenate and inspire me. Going to have to get in the habit of using polishes I already own anyway if I'm going to be wanting an Xbox One before Fallout 4 releases! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and I will see you Tuesday! (^_^)"/"


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