Saturday, June 27, 2015

Impala: Sea Shell + Sinful Colors: Star Blast Off + Color Club: Smooth Operator

Hey guys. Still waiting on my dad's appointment. >_< He's not a happy camper. So, while I have time, let's look at some polishes.

Impala Sea Shell... I'm starting to think Preto was a fluke because Sea Shell needed three coats even over undies.

It is a pretty light blue, though, with a pretty blue shimmer.

Also, it did dry really quickly. Just like polish used to. *sigh* So that makes up for a bit.

I was going to wait for July 4th, but I thought Sea Shell would make a good base for Star Blast Off:

A nice, cheap glitter to cover your patriotic needs. The stars didn't quite lay flat, but my nails have a hella curve so it might not be a problem for you.

So, yes, in my last Llarowe order I decided to throw in a bottle of Color Club's Smooth Operator basecoat since I still can't find my Julep ridge filler. So, how well did the Color Club one work?

Eh... I'd give it 3 stars out of 5? I did apply Push And Shove over the ridge filler because I knew it would settle into every nook and cranny. The good news is that Smooth Operator does work as a base for chromes, the bad news is that only performed moderately well as far as ridge-filling. A second coat might help, but from just a single coat the Julep one works better.

Going to try to do the hair and empties update before the end of the month. Also got a request for a color (omg why red?!) so I'm going to incorporate that with Formula X Black Hole and turn it into a #SBBNailChallenge mani. It'll work out. I hope. Didn't realize Black Hole was textured, but... I'll make it work. Everybody keep your fingers crossed for my daddy and take care of yourselves as well. Love you guys! (^_^)"/"


  1. Seashell is a beautiful color! I seriously need to get to a rite aid or walgreens, I have seen so many cool new sinful colors polishes being posted lately!!

    1. Make it a Walgreens! The new neons are exclusive for Walgreens. ;)


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