Thursday, June 4, 2015

Finger Paints: Urban Lights

Finger Paints Urban Lights is slightly more impressive than my pictures are showing. In real life you get a blue-green-purple duochrome effect depending on light and angle. Also in real life the days are clearing up so I waited a day (or two) for full-on sunshine! Which also gave time for some tipwear and also the sun blaring through the duochrome so I've only got the blue to show...

My bad! Sorry. Urban Lights is still really pretty, though; if a bit vampy for spring. lol Two smooth coats, dried pretty quickly. Easy cleanup in spite of the sparklies.

Isn't that pretty? I tried to get the other colors in video:

You can kinda see the purple around the edges, but the green didn't really want to show up. *boo*

Time feels like it's getting away from me. Bethesda finally released a video for Fallout 4 so now we're looking at not only investing in an Xbox One, but also having to replace our tv so we can actually see/read what's going on... On top of saving up for Beardlam in September. Camping in a week so I'm going to sit and see what we're looking at when I get back. I feel like it's doable. Going to try, anyway. Been waiting five years for Fallout 4! Going to have to buckle down and probably not go crazy with the nail polishes... except whatever amazon cards I amass because I'm pretty sure now it's cheaper to get Xbox One in stores than online? We'll see when we get there... Okay, I'm rambling. Hopefully the sun holds out because I've got Fotheringhay Castle coming up next! Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"


  1. Gorgeous polish and great swatches. Even if this wasn't duochrome I would pick it up immediately just for the night-sky-star effect it has ;)

    Hehe, guess who already preordered Fallout 4? Yup, the husband :) (pc version though, we don't have any consoles)

    1. It is very pretty. ^_^ I'm glad I got it.

      hehehehe I started my pre-order yesterday! LOL $5/week is a lot easier than the $60 all at once. My mom said she'd trade TVs with me (hers is HD) if it comes to that so really I just have to concentrate on the console. *fingers crossed*

  2. That's a pretty color very similar to a orly polish I had but can't remember the name :)

  3. Very pretty and quite similar to a Pure Ice polish I will be blogging about soon!


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