Friday, May 8, 2015

Sims 4: Get To Work ~ The Scientist Career

And I'm back with the Scientist Career! Kind of a difficult one for two reasons: 1- It's not as linear as the Doctor and Detective careers. 2- There is something really wonky with that lot. This lot:

The Scientist Career boasts the biggest lot of the three careers. I haven't seen anybody else mention it, but... One active day at work is fine, but on the second day (both in my game and Aaron's) it gets really glitchy and slow and the sound starts echoing. Admittedly they may have fixed this in the patch, but I didn't see it on the list. The good news is that the Scientist Career is the only one where you absolutely do not have to take your Sim to work to advance.

The only advancement requirement for the Scientist Career is to have "Scientific Breakthroughs". These can occur at any time. In the shower, while gardening, playing chess, experimenting (which can be done at home after a few promotions), etc. My advice is that if you're having problems with the lot and choose to play Scientist as a passive career: make sure to set your Sim to "work hard" otherwise promotions take forever to achieve.

Should you choose to actively participate in the Scientist Career (which you should do after an "invention" breakthrough, at the very least) your job responsibilities are quite varied and pretty random. If your Sim has an invention breakthrough you have the opportunity to create those inventions:

Which, if the lot is that bad for you, you can always unlock that machine with the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat. *sshhh* So what kind of inventions can you expect to make? So glad you asked!

1. purely decorative item; you can turn it on and the rings rotate
2. it's a lamp that doesn't give off much light
3. SimRay - used to freeze Sims or mind control them into cleaning, eating, changing clothes or being terrified
~~~Mind control requires upgrading on the invention machine at work
4. Satellite Dish - Summon aliens, block abductions, hive mind neighborhood (make everyone happy, bladder fail, dance, etc)
~~~when you take it home the satellite dish lets you watch alien tv on your home tv!
5. Cloning Machine: clone serums, collectibles and (once upgraded) other Sims!
6. Wormhole Generator: allows you to contact aliens and travel to the alien planet Sixam

*phew* Your Sim can also have "serum" breakthroughs. Serums can be concocted either at work or at home once the lab is unlocked as a reward:

There are a lot of serums, and they all require ingredients. They also require testing to increase your odds of not making a tainted serum; testing also allows you to create a tainted version on purpose. Why would you do that?! Well, one of the serums is a "food replacement" and if you have a mean Sim then perhaps they would want to make another Sim starve. It's a feature. lol OH! And since death by electrocution was so hard to come by before this serum table has a "red button" you can push that will electrocute your Sim! I'll be making use of that soon enough.

What else? Okay, aside from inventions and serums at work other job responsibilities can and will include: gardening, working on the rocket ship, socializing with co-workers, socializing with "tourists", detecting alien intruders (easily done with the upgraded satellite dish), gathering collectibles and tinkering. Yeah, pretty random. You can also be prompted to use the SimRay to mind-control or freeze a co-worker:

hehehe *ahem*

The Scientist Career is the one most closely related to the new Alien Sims. While any Sim can buy, build and upgrade a rocket ship to get to Sixam - Scientists are the ones who are actively trying to contact Aliens. Hence the satellite dish and wormhole generator. One night poor Freddy had a whole gang of aliens show up at his house.

There were actually five or six of them, those are just the first two that I saw. (#3 kicked over the trash can... *grumbles*)

Whether through the upgraded rocketship or wormhole generator any Sim can travel to the alien planet Sixam. Alien Sims do just fine while normal Sims will wear the standard astronaut gear to survive the environment:

My Alien Sim is in that little pink circle. Sixam is really pretty (and pretty big) and contains three alien plants that you can harvest and grow back home (they don't require watering), orbs that can be polished into geodes (six of those to collect) and you can dig up some new metals and crystals or dig in what looks like hollow tree trunks to find aliens same as you can randomly get "exploring space" with the rocket ship. There is also a chance that you can meet an Alien Sim just wandering around Sixam, though this doesn't always translate into a viable friendship as not all Aliens have a Sim-world home.

*phew* I think I covered everything? There is still the option to own and run a retail store, but I haven't even started to think about doing that yet. They did patch some issues, but I'm trying to unlock some achievements... we'll see. lol In the meantime there's still Aliens and plenty of polish and makeups to cover. Sims is releasing a Stuff Pack next (Luxury Party) so I have time until the next expansion rolls around. (I say realizing I never did a post on Granite Falls and camping...) So, yeah, next post is going to be essence Keep Calm & Go For A Walk with a bonus comparison between China Glaze Fairy Dust and essence Let Stars Rain Down On Me!... long names... *ahem* So, yeah. lol Hope this look at the Scientist Career wasn't too confusing or anything. Y'all take care out there and have a great weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. if aliens are so technologically advanced, why do they live in tree trunks?

    1. It's two different kinds of "aliens". There are Sim aliens like normal, but there are also "collectible" aliens that are more like "pets" that sit in little display aquariums.


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