Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quo Brows & Marc Jacobs Lips

Okay *deep breath* Let's all thank Jasmine for the insanity that has been this past week. "Thanks, Jasmine!" I don't think I've worn makeup every day in a week since high school. On the bright side the repetition has gotten me back out of the habit of feeling like I need foundation and primer and stuff. On the not-so-bright side... I deeply and sincerely apologize for the following images. XD They're not great, I'm not used to doing such up-close pics of parts of my face... Just roll with me and ignore the bad stuff, k? Please?

So, here's what I'm focusing on today:

We have a Cargo eyebrow pencil which I didn't actually use, but the brushy end works way better than the one I've been using, Quo brow palette and Marc Jacobs lipstick Moody Margot.

I've always felt that my brows were plenty dark without any kind of filler adding to it. I tweeze them because, well, I have to, but beyond that a good brushing and I'm okay, right? The Quo brow palette is starting to change my mind on that.

Here's my starting brows:

A little bit of clean-up tweezing and a quick brush:

And now with a bit of the Quo brow powder and another brushing:

If I use just the light colored powder then it just sort of fills everything in, especially at the end where the hairs are more sparse. If I'm doing heavier eyemakeup and bolder lips I'll blend the light and dark to kind of help balance out my face a little. Which is a stark contrast to my normal "make my face as invisible as possible" tactic. So, thanks Jasmine, for making me all aware of my eyebrows. lol

Up next! Marc Jacobs Moody Margot... in her review Jasmine calls them "lip gels", but it feel like a normal lipstick to me. Anywho, for nude lips I'll start with a layer of either primer, concealer, foundation or just a dab of powder to lighten up my natural lips a bit:

And so this is what I've been looking like lately:

Ta-da! So one more lipstick I haven't tried yet. I have been wearing the glosses off an on and I'll get to those in due time. So far I'm impressed!! It's nice to wear a gloss that isn't all sticky and weird. Things I'm getting to... lol Up next I'll have my rundown of the Sims 4 Scientist Career and then finally this thermal essence polish I've been wearing for almost a week. o_O Yeah. Things in the future? Llarowe is having another sale because they're revamping a lot of stuff so I nabbed A England Fotheringhay Castle (full price) while it was there and four Impala polishes for $3/each. Including Pistache which I've had my eyes on for a long while. Still waiting on Luna and Artemis to get here. *squirms* Anyway, I'm going to go get the last of the pics I need for the Sims. Hope everyone is having a great week! (^_^)"/"


  1. aww what a great surprise, and the nude lipstick looks great with your bright hair :)

    1. Thanks! I try not to do *too* much at once. lol

  2. Oh so you put on some concealer on your lips before applying the lipstick? It looks really good!
    Do you find it drying though, to put a concealer underneath?

    1. Not really. I've been using the Cover Girl + Olay liquid concealer which has a "hydrating serum" built in. :)

  3. I don't think I even have stuff for my brows... they just sit there like they've done all my life *hangs head in shame*

    1. You hold your head high! *mwah* Some people don't need to fuss with their brows. They're the lucky ones. :)


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