Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Julie G: Gift Of Gold & Impala: Preto

Well, those of you who hang out with me in my social media venues may have gathered that my trip was postponed. Until when? I don't know yet. Still waiting for word on that. In the meantime I've been Simming like mad and it occurred to me that I might want to take a blog break before I get lazy.

Starting with two coats of Julie G's Gift Of Gold:

I did want the Christmas texture collection, but never got around to getting it. Now that I have the gold one I have to get my hands on the silver one! Gift Of Gold is insanely sparkly!

Absolutely fabulous, dried quickly, standard glitter-based texture polish.

After finally getting them, I could not wait to try out one of the Impalas:

As I said before, the Impalas are not 3-free. That said it was so nice to re-experience what nail polish used to be like. Preto was perfectly opaque in one coat, but I did two because I never trust how one is going to look in pictures. The formula was so creamy and dried so quickly. I can't wait to try out the rest.

So, next I'm going to review the Splat color-lock shampoo/conditioner set. After that I'll have Nabi Metallic White compared against KleanColor's Metallic White. I'll then use that as a base for the glow-in-the-dark Funky Fingers Dia De Muertos. Fun stuff. Don't forget to pick or skip your Julep Maven box for next month. I'm skipping again... It's rough because I really want to get one (why? I don't know!), but I keep ending up where all of the boxes have something that I just don't want. I do want the new 4th of July glitter, but... I'm sure I'll have a chance later. Hope everyone's having a fantastic week. Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"


  1. Ohhhh... that gold is gorgeous!

    1. Slightly more elaborate this time (had to close the browser yesterday because my manager came to my desk and I'm not sure she understands the beauty of polish ;) Sorry to hear your trip didn't go through, keeping my fingers crossed it is just postponed and not cancelled :) But my comment on that gold polish stands: gorgeous!!
      (and playing computer games is always a good thing)

    2. *hugs* Thanks ^_^ Still no word, but I'm hopeful. It really is a gorgeous gold! Funny it's the one I was least excited about from the collection. lol

  2. Bummer about your trip, hope you can reschedule! That gold is super pretty!!

    1. So far it's been raining continually so the wait continues. OMG Every time I look at the pics I fall in love all over again. ^_^


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