Sunday, May 10, 2015

Essence: Keep Calm & Go For A Walk + Essence: Let Stars Rain Down On Me! & China Glaze: Fairy Dust Comparison

Yep. All of that. Starting with a perfect two coats of essence Keep Calm & Go For A Walk:

Unlike when I tried to review My Sweet Escape, I actually have hot and cold running water this time and was able to force a more dramatic color-shift than is shown on the little sticker. "Hot" is kind of a light peachy color:

While "cold" is kind of a taupy tan:

Being a cream made Keep Calm & Go For A Walk the perfect candidate for some glitter and since I had two holo sparkle glitters waiting I decided to do both.

First up is essence Let Stars Rain Down On Me which you have to shake because all the glitter settles at the bottom:

Followed by the much denser China Glaze Fairy Dust:

Similar toppers, but Let Stars Rain Down On Me is obviously much more sparse delicate than Fairy Dust. lol

Last I checked Let Stars Rain Down On Me was part of the core display at Ulta (you have to look because it looks like a normal clear topcoat at first glance) and Fairy Dust is easily available on amazon.

I guess I should say "Happy Mother's Day" to my mom who always encouraged me to do my best and in a lot of ways helped shape who I am today. We don't always get along (huge understatement), but the love is there. Got more polishes coming up; next is going to be Nabi's Sand Texture Black I, followed by essence Leather Effect Hit The Road, Red! and KleanColor Blind Date. I may have time for one more (another essence lol) before I disappear camping for a week. Big fun. Hope everyone's had a fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. I can't help but think they could have chosen better wording on the Essence topper than "shake me, I'm pretty" but I've got mild triggers around domestic violence so probably should not even taking up space in your comments box with my neuroses. Sorry. I do like the sparkles (and did buy that topper despite the language).

    1. Oooooh I didn't even think it could be taken that way, but it does make sense. *yikes* I don't know how else they could have put it though since it really doesn't look like anything sitting in the display.

    2. Wish I remembered how Northern Lights markets their similar TC...

    3. I don't know... I found some swatches, but nothing promo-ey.

  2. I seriously need to get to Ulta, last spring they put one closer to where I live and I've only been there once and while I was there I totally forgot to look for essence polishes :/
    I do have to say I like Fairy Dust better, did you like one more over the other?

    1. *gasp* Get your butt to Ulta!! LOL To be honest I do like the Fairy Dust better. The essence one is cute, but I'd like just a bit more payoff.


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