Saturday, May 16, 2015

Essence: Hit The Road, Red! & KleanColor: Blind Date +Nail Mail

Before I leave for a week I've got four posts worth of pictures, and I'm debating over whether or not to try and type all of those up today or save them for when I get back. The suspense. lol For now I'm just going to focus on this post. Starting with two coats of essence Hit The Road, Red!.

Hit The Road, Red! has a very slight texture and semi-matte finish to accomplish the "Leather Effect". The toned-down red color is very wearable and application was a breeze. Still... she screamed for something a bit more...

KleanColor Blind Date! A rainbow of star-shaped glitters. These reminded me of the little star stickers my mom used to use on our chore chart. Since we didn't get allowance until the chart was full these little stars are a reminder of good things. lol It applied just fine with only the slightest fishing and placing. When Blind Date dried, however, some of the star ends did poke up a bit. A layer of topcoat mostly remedied this.

Nail mail! Sadly Luna and Artemis are still in-transit, but I did get my Llarowe order quicker than expected.

I've now got A England Fotheringhay Castle and Impala Pistache (*squee*), Sea Shell, Conquiste Sempre and Preto whose name I keep forgetting even though I'm wearing it right now. hehehe The Impalas are still on sale for $3/each, but they do contain toluene and formaldehyde so the choice is yours. Personally I don't mind and had completely forgotten how amazing polish was before it was "made safe". Seriously, Preto is like a dream. I'll get into that more when I post her.

That is it for now. Going to clean up Preto before we head out to prepare for the week ahead. Then I'll see about either pre-posting or Simming. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!! (^_^)"/"


  1. That Essence is lovely. Keeping my fingers crossed I can find it in the store tomorrow as I'm definitely going to hunt that one down :)

    Hope you'll have a great week!!

    1. Good luck! *fingers crossed* Well... here's hoping since camp was postponed... all the rain washed out the road and flooded the cabins. -_-

  2. Love that color! Not a fan of the texture though, I like shiny :)
    I don't own any A England polishes, they always seem to have such pretty holos

    1. At least this is a very easy texture to eliminate. ;) Oh, they do! A bit pricey, but I've always felt they were worth it.


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