Friday, May 29, 2015

Impala: Pistache

As impressive as Preto was I had such high hopes for Pistache...

And then this happened. Three coats and still painfully (especially considering the color) sheer! *cries* Pistache did dry pretty quickly, but I just wasn't willing to keep piling on layers until it went opaque.

*ugh* I am insanely disappointed. Bright side, I suppose, since Pistache is so incredibly sheer I should be able to do some kind of fun layering? Ah well...

We're starting to dry out a bit. Hopefully it doesn't rain in Dallas tonight. We're supposed to head up there for Beardfest! Sorry this is so short. I have so much to catch up on. lol I got started on the Teen Runaway challenge for Sims and it is so so so much fun. I don't know if I'm going to hit my swagbucks goal today, but... I'm going to go try. Would be a shame to crap out so close to the end of the month. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I'll be back (eventually) with some Hard Candy glitters! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nabi: Metallic White & Funky Fingers: Dia De Muertos +Plus

I don't know if you've heard, but Texas (as well as Oklahoma and surrounding states) has been absolutely bombarded with foul weather lately. Severe rains for a few weeks and several tornadoes touched down just last night! So my laziness is only partially actual laziness. lol The rest is trying to stay dry and alive. Also... Sims.

After the debacle that is/was Nabi's Metallic Orange my hopes were not high for Metallic White. I was... sort of pleasantly surprised.

Okay, so Metallic White is really more frosty/pearl than "metallic", but it is smooth and perfectly opaque in two coats! Unlike KleanColor's Metallic White:

Oy... lol

Nabi's Metallic White may not be strictly metallic, but it is white and white is a great base for glow-in-the dark polishes! The best, in my experience. Here's two coats of Funky Fingers Dia De Muertos:

Dia De Muertos has bright pink matte glitters and shiny blue glitters in a sheer (glow in the dark) blue-lavender base. I really wanted to do a third coat to ramp up the glow factor, but I didn't want to bombard my nails with glitter when two coats looked so pretty. So how did it glow?

Nicely. Surprisingly green considering the blueish base, but Dia De Muertos did put off a pretty strong glow. Even when going from the brightish greyness of outside to the mostly darkish of the laundry room:

Which, really, is the best part of glow-in-the-dark. Catching it when you're not expecting it. ^_^

As I mentioned, last night was pretty spectacular weather-wise. I've seen the sky blue, brown, orange, yellow and green.... but never have I seen it bright pink!

This pink came directly after a brilliant green that my camera refused to capture. As beautiful as it was it was also very disconcerting. Yellows and greens indicate bad storms stirring things up. Pink? o_O Found out later about four tornadoes in central Texas, but I can't even begin to guess what they were stirring up for that effect.

Weather reports are calling for more rain for at least another week. Managed a window of honest to goodness sunshine for Impala Pistache so I'm wishing I had gone with one of the holos instead. lol Ah well. Got that coming up as well as two Hard Candy glitters. Perhaps some stamping will end up on top of them. We shall see. Hope everyone is having a terrific week and staying safe. Love you guys!! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Splat Fade Defense System First Review

Today I'm going to review the Splat Fade Defense hair care system that I picked up from Walgreens (I've also seen it at Walmart) for $9.99USD. For your $10 (plus tax) investment you get 6oz of "cleanser", 6oz of "moisturizer" and 1oz of "lock-in":

I wish I had kept the box, I thought all of the ingredients were listed on the bottles, but from what I recall these products are all-natural and do not contain color-stripping chemicals (sulfates and such) like regular (even "for color-treated hair") hair products. So, first off, they smell really good. "But how well do they work?!" I'm getting there, keep your britches on. lol

The "cleanser" (shampoo) is really really thick. I have to wet it in my hands and then wet it again once it's on my head to work it into a lather. That slight nuisance aside when I do "cleanse" my hair I don't notice any rivulets of color dripping off of my head. *thumbs up* When using regular shampoos there is almost always some color-tint to the rinse water and every little bit that comes out is that much more fading.

The "moisturizer" (conditioner) is rich and creamy, and not thick like the cleanser. It applies and rinses just like you would expect, except without taking color with it. *thumbs up*

The final step is the "lock-in", which they recommend using after every washing. What this does is smooth out the hair cuticles to lock in (get it?) the color; it also includes vitamins and plant extracts that protect the hair from outside faders like the sun. The only downside is that it is a color-lock product and not really a leave-in conditioner type product so it keeps making me want to reach for the Pantene BB Creme.

So how well does this system work? Well, full disclosure, I'm still only wet-washing my hair once a week or so and using a dry shampoo otherwise to combat oil and grime. So I have used the Fade Defense system four times since going green. Under normal circumstances this is the time I would be analyzing my hair and deciding if it's too faded and ready for a touch-up or if I'll be okay for another couple of weeks. So, here's my hair after the third washing:

It does look a little two-toned because I put the green on over the blue. I'm not terribly concerned about that because where it is fading a little after the fourth wash is turning yellow-green instead of the blue that it was before:

Okay, so...

Pros: Natural ingredients and furry friendly, smells great, doesn't noticeably strip the color

Cons: Small bottle size, cleanser is weirdly thick and the lock-in doesn't leave my hair as soft

The fact that all three come together in a box is sort of a pro and a con. You don't have to worry about the one product you need being out of stock, but if you run out of one before the others then you can't just replace that one.

So right now I'm giving it a tentative one and a half *thumbs up*. I have about half a bottle of each left so I'm going to go through June without touching up the color and see what happens. Greens, blues and purples are notorious for fading out quickly so we will see. Coming up next will be my metallic whites comparison. Hope everyone has a safe (Memorial Day in the States) weekend. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Julie G: Gift Of Gold & Impala: Preto

Well, those of you who hang out with me in my social media venues may have gathered that my trip was postponed. Until when? I don't know yet. Still waiting for word on that. In the meantime I've been Simming like mad and it occurred to me that I might want to take a blog break before I get lazy.

Starting with two coats of Julie G's Gift Of Gold:

I did want the Christmas texture collection, but never got around to getting it. Now that I have the gold one I have to get my hands on the silver one! Gift Of Gold is insanely sparkly!

Absolutely fabulous, dried quickly, standard glitter-based texture polish.

After finally getting them, I could not wait to try out one of the Impalas:

As I said before, the Impalas are not 3-free. That said it was so nice to re-experience what nail polish used to be like. Preto was perfectly opaque in one coat, but I did two because I never trust how one is going to look in pictures. The formula was so creamy and dried so quickly. I can't wait to try out the rest.

So, next I'm going to review the Splat color-lock shampoo/conditioner set. After that I'll have Nabi Metallic White compared against KleanColor's Metallic White. I'll then use that as a base for the glow-in-the-dark Funky Fingers Dia De Muertos. Fun stuff. Don't forget to pick or skip your Julep Maven box for next month. I'm skipping again... It's rough because I really want to get one (why? I don't know!), but I keep ending up where all of the boxes have something that I just don't want. I do want the new 4th of July glitter, but... I'm sure I'll have a chance later. Hope everyone's having a fantastic week. Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Essence: Hit The Road, Red! & KleanColor: Blind Date +Nail Mail

Before I leave for a week I've got four posts worth of pictures, and I'm debating over whether or not to try and type all of those up today or save them for when I get back. The suspense. lol For now I'm just going to focus on this post. Starting with two coats of essence Hit The Road, Red!.

Hit The Road, Red! has a very slight texture and semi-matte finish to accomplish the "Leather Effect". The toned-down red color is very wearable and application was a breeze. Still... she screamed for something a bit more...

KleanColor Blind Date! A rainbow of star-shaped glitters. These reminded me of the little star stickers my mom used to use on our chore chart. Since we didn't get allowance until the chart was full these little stars are a reminder of good things. lol It applied just fine with only the slightest fishing and placing. When Blind Date dried, however, some of the star ends did poke up a bit. A layer of topcoat mostly remedied this.

Nail mail! Sadly Luna and Artemis are still in-transit, but I did get my Llarowe order quicker than expected.

I've now got A England Fotheringhay Castle and Impala Pistache (*squee*), Sea Shell, Conquiste Sempre and Preto whose name I keep forgetting even though I'm wearing it right now. hehehe The Impalas are still on sale for $3/each, but they do contain toluene and formaldehyde so the choice is yours. Personally I don't mind and had completely forgotten how amazing polish was before it was "made safe". Seriously, Preto is like a dream. I'll get into that more when I post her.

That is it for now. Going to clean up Preto before we head out to prepare for the week ahead. Then I'll see about either pre-posting or Simming. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Facial Hair Lament

The other day I used some of my balance reward points to pay for a fresh box of Sally's wax strips. Getting old sucks...
When did this facial hair become so problematic?

I don't remember a mustache coming with puberty
I don't recall a beard in my teens
Brows? Sure. Everyone does.
But the rest?

My mom and both grandmothers have/had light/fine hair
I do not
Dark, thick, coarse hair
And it grows

For a while I thought the hair came with the weight gain
The weight is gone
The hair remains

Into the bathroom, tools in hand. It's been three days and I'm sporting a goatee any 13 year old boy would envy
Makeup won't help now
Apparently neither will the wax...

The mustache comes off just fine, those hairs aren't as bad
The beard is another story
Four strips later
Five hairs removed
So stubborn...

Now the tweezers; I've finally found a good pair, both cute and effective
For the most part

Target, grip, pull.... *snap*- damn...
As thick as these hairs are you'd think they'd be stronger
"The strength is in the roots, grasshopper"

I can't see under my own chin, you know, and my eyes are not great
Like a contortionist every few days
Just so I don't look like a dude
"A dude with a hefty estrogen problem..."
Shut up, you

I read somewhere that (some) Japanese women shave their faces; "it's good for the skin"
Sikh women let it grow
I am neither of those things
Sometimes I do shave...

"Shaving makes the hair thicker! And darker!"
That's a myth. Shut up
"Are you sure?"
Yep... it's an illusion...
Target, grip, pull

Mustache- gone- mostly; beard- gone- mostly... What fresh hell is this?
Aaron calls them "chipmunk hairs"
I call them "fledgling sideburns"
"I think they're cute"
Nobody asked you, go away

I don't want sideburns, or a 'stache or a beard. I don't want hair on my knuckles either, while I'm at it.
I don't want this one weird hair that grows out of my shoulder
I don't want leg hair or armpit hair
"It keeps you warm"
I live in Texas now; my genes are still European mutt
"Does that matter?"
I don't know...

"What's that hair?"
"Just playin'"
Would you fuck off already...

I don't have enough Nair left to do both arms; that bottle's kind of old anyway
"Nobody's looking at your arms"
Probably not, but

I think I've got them all
All the ones I'm willing to bother with
Do I look like a lady?
I hate you


So that was my morning. I feel a little raw and exposed now, but maybe somebody can relate. I hope, anyway. Before anybody gets concerned the italicized lines are the voice in my head. I think I'm going to go grab dinner and then disappear into the sweet, numbing embrace of Sims. (^_^)"/" Auf Wiedersehen

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nabi: Sand Texture Black I

Oh Nabi... why aren't you more widely available? If it weren't for amazon I'd never know how freakin' amazing the Nabi texture polishes are! Okay, granted, I only have this one... for now. I will be getting more.

This is two coats... took a little longer to dry than I would have liked, but not hours worth of waiting. As always, textures are perfect for patching if necessary. I really like that the texture is more visually predominant than actual texture-feeling. You can feel it, but not as much as it looks like you should. Yeah? Yeah. lol

As the title suggests, this is Black I; there is a Black II which looks like it might be a hair or two darker.

So after a healthy dose of Manic Panic Electric Lizard my hair is finally green! A little brighter than I was initially looking for (I applied it over the "blue" Green Envy so it's not as bright as it could be either), but definitely undeniably green. I had to head out early for new tires this morning so I haven't straightened it yet, but I should have pics soon. Follow me on Instagram for first looks! And other random stuff that catches my attention that I never end up blogging about. Or don't. Do what you feel. lol That's it for me for now. I'll be back with more essence and a super cute glitter. Hope everyone is staying warm, dry and safe! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Essence: Keep Calm & Go For A Walk + Essence: Let Stars Rain Down On Me! & China Glaze: Fairy Dust Comparison

Yep. All of that. Starting with a perfect two coats of essence Keep Calm & Go For A Walk:

Unlike when I tried to review My Sweet Escape, I actually have hot and cold running water this time and was able to force a more dramatic color-shift than is shown on the little sticker. "Hot" is kind of a light peachy color:

While "cold" is kind of a taupy tan:

Being a cream made Keep Calm & Go For A Walk the perfect candidate for some glitter and since I had two holo sparkle glitters waiting I decided to do both.

First up is essence Let Stars Rain Down On Me which you have to shake because all the glitter settles at the bottom:

Followed by the much denser China Glaze Fairy Dust:

Similar toppers, but Let Stars Rain Down On Me is obviously much more sparse delicate than Fairy Dust. lol

Last I checked Let Stars Rain Down On Me was part of the core display at Ulta (you have to look because it looks like a normal clear topcoat at first glance) and Fairy Dust is easily available on amazon.

I guess I should say "Happy Mother's Day" to my mom who always encouraged me to do my best and in a lot of ways helped shape who I am today. We don't always get along (huge understatement), but the love is there. Got more polishes coming up; next is going to be Nabi's Sand Texture Black I, followed by essence Leather Effect Hit The Road, Red! and KleanColor Blind Date. I may have time for one more (another essence lol) before I disappear camping for a week. Big fun. Hope everyone's had a fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sims 4: Get To Work ~ The Scientist Career

And I'm back with the Scientist Career! Kind of a difficult one for two reasons: 1- It's not as linear as the Doctor and Detective careers. 2- There is something really wonky with that lot. This lot:

The Scientist Career boasts the biggest lot of the three careers. I haven't seen anybody else mention it, but... One active day at work is fine, but on the second day (both in my game and Aaron's) it gets really glitchy and slow and the sound starts echoing. Admittedly they may have fixed this in the patch, but I didn't see it on the list. The good news is that the Scientist Career is the only one where you absolutely do not have to take your Sim to work to advance.

The only advancement requirement for the Scientist Career is to have "Scientific Breakthroughs". These can occur at any time. In the shower, while gardening, playing chess, experimenting (which can be done at home after a few promotions), etc. My advice is that if you're having problems with the lot and choose to play Scientist as a passive career: make sure to set your Sim to "work hard" otherwise promotions take forever to achieve.

Should you choose to actively participate in the Scientist Career (which you should do after an "invention" breakthrough, at the very least) your job responsibilities are quite varied and pretty random. If your Sim has an invention breakthrough you have the opportunity to create those inventions:

Which, if the lot is that bad for you, you can always unlock that machine with the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat. *sshhh* So what kind of inventions can you expect to make? So glad you asked!

1. purely decorative item; you can turn it on and the rings rotate
2. it's a lamp that doesn't give off much light
3. SimRay - used to freeze Sims or mind control them into cleaning, eating, changing clothes or being terrified
~~~Mind control requires upgrading on the invention machine at work
4. Satellite Dish - Summon aliens, block abductions, hive mind neighborhood (make everyone happy, bladder fail, dance, etc)
~~~when you take it home the satellite dish lets you watch alien tv on your home tv!
5. Cloning Machine: clone serums, collectibles and (once upgraded) other Sims!
6. Wormhole Generator: allows you to contact aliens and travel to the alien planet Sixam

*phew* Your Sim can also have "serum" breakthroughs. Serums can be concocted either at work or at home once the lab is unlocked as a reward:

There are a lot of serums, and they all require ingredients. They also require testing to increase your odds of not making a tainted serum; testing also allows you to create a tainted version on purpose. Why would you do that?! Well, one of the serums is a "food replacement" and if you have a mean Sim then perhaps they would want to make another Sim starve. It's a feature. lol OH! And since death by electrocution was so hard to come by before this serum table has a "red button" you can push that will electrocute your Sim! I'll be making use of that soon enough.

What else? Okay, aside from inventions and serums at work other job responsibilities can and will include: gardening, working on the rocket ship, socializing with co-workers, socializing with "tourists", detecting alien intruders (easily done with the upgraded satellite dish), gathering collectibles and tinkering. Yeah, pretty random. You can also be prompted to use the SimRay to mind-control or freeze a co-worker:

hehehe *ahem*

The Scientist Career is the one most closely related to the new Alien Sims. While any Sim can buy, build and upgrade a rocket ship to get to Sixam - Scientists are the ones who are actively trying to contact Aliens. Hence the satellite dish and wormhole generator. One night poor Freddy had a whole gang of aliens show up at his house.

There were actually five or six of them, those are just the first two that I saw. (#3 kicked over the trash can... *grumbles*)

Whether through the upgraded rocketship or wormhole generator any Sim can travel to the alien planet Sixam. Alien Sims do just fine while normal Sims will wear the standard astronaut gear to survive the environment:

My Alien Sim is in that little pink circle. Sixam is really pretty (and pretty big) and contains three alien plants that you can harvest and grow back home (they don't require watering), orbs that can be polished into geodes (six of those to collect) and you can dig up some new metals and crystals or dig in what looks like hollow tree trunks to find aliens same as you can randomly get "exploring space" with the rocket ship. There is also a chance that you can meet an Alien Sim just wandering around Sixam, though this doesn't always translate into a viable friendship as not all Aliens have a Sim-world home.

*phew* I think I covered everything? There is still the option to own and run a retail store, but I haven't even started to think about doing that yet. They did patch some issues, but I'm trying to unlock some achievements... we'll see. lol In the meantime there's still Aliens and plenty of polish and makeups to cover. Sims is releasing a Stuff Pack next (Luxury Party) so I have time until the next expansion rolls around. (I say realizing I never did a post on Granite Falls and camping...) So, yeah, next post is going to be essence Keep Calm & Go For A Walk with a bonus comparison between China Glaze Fairy Dust and essence Let Stars Rain Down On Me!... long names... *ahem* So, yeah. lol Hope this look at the Scientist Career wasn't too confusing or anything. Y'all take care out there and have a great weekend! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quo Brows & Marc Jacobs Lips

Okay *deep breath* Let's all thank Jasmine for the insanity that has been this past week. "Thanks, Jasmine!" I don't think I've worn makeup every day in a week since high school. On the bright side the repetition has gotten me back out of the habit of feeling like I need foundation and primer and stuff. On the not-so-bright side... I deeply and sincerely apologize for the following images. XD They're not great, I'm not used to doing such up-close pics of parts of my face... Just roll with me and ignore the bad stuff, k? Please?

So, here's what I'm focusing on today:

We have a Cargo eyebrow pencil which I didn't actually use, but the brushy end works way better than the one I've been using, Quo brow palette and Marc Jacobs lipstick Moody Margot.

I've always felt that my brows were plenty dark without any kind of filler adding to it. I tweeze them because, well, I have to, but beyond that a good brushing and I'm okay, right? The Quo brow palette is starting to change my mind on that.

Here's my starting brows:

A little bit of clean-up tweezing and a quick brush:

And now with a bit of the Quo brow powder and another brushing:

If I use just the light colored powder then it just sort of fills everything in, especially at the end where the hairs are more sparse. If I'm doing heavier eyemakeup and bolder lips I'll blend the light and dark to kind of help balance out my face a little. Which is a stark contrast to my normal "make my face as invisible as possible" tactic. So, thanks Jasmine, for making me all aware of my eyebrows. lol

Up next! Marc Jacobs Moody Margot... in her review Jasmine calls them "lip gels", but it feel like a normal lipstick to me. Anywho, for nude lips I'll start with a layer of either primer, concealer, foundation or just a dab of powder to lighten up my natural lips a bit:

And so this is what I've been looking like lately:

Ta-da! So one more lipstick I haven't tried yet. I have been wearing the glosses off an on and I'll get to those in due time. So far I'm impressed!! It's nice to wear a gloss that isn't all sticky and weird. Things I'm getting to... lol Up next I'll have my rundown of the Sims 4 Scientist Career and then finally this thermal essence polish I've been wearing for almost a week. o_O Yeah. Things in the future? Llarowe is having another sale because they're revamping a lot of stuff so I nabbed A England Fotheringhay Castle (full price) while it was there and four Impala polishes for $3/each. Including Pistache which I've had my eyes on for a long while. Still waiting on Luna and Artemis to get here. *squirms* Anyway, I'm going to go get the last of the pics I need for the Sims. Hope everyone is having a great week! (^_^)"/"

Monday, May 4, 2015

China Glaze: Trip Of A Lime Time & Salon Perfect: Square Pegs

Starting off, this is... I want to say three coats of Trip Of A Lime Time. It was also more sheer than I would have liked, but I worked with her.

I did get a little bubbling from my basecoat. Also, she is not that yellow.

Not my favorite chartreuse, but I'm happy to have her.

Of course, being a cream, she made a good base for Square Pegs:

A fun glitter with blue and pink circles and yellow squares. It was a bit weird for me because I found myself wishing it was more like Mad Cow Disease and even tried sniffing it a few times... lol Also...

The base is pretty thick to hold the big glitters (which it did moderately well; I still had to fish a bit) and it bubbled. *cries*

Okay, so I've got another makeup post coming up and also some Sims. I feel like this posting every other day is putting me a little behind, but it's also relieving some pressure. I just don't want to take a full-on break because it's a hard habit to get back into, no matter how much I enjoy doing it. So, yeah, every other day for now. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Essence: Best Female & Nabi: Metallic Orange

Also known as: Two Too Sheer *ggrr* Things you find out when you're too lazy busy hopeful for swatch testing. Starting with a staggering four coats of essence Best Female:

FOUR COATS! It's a pretty purple with some nice shimmer that doesn't look too bad in the shade:

But seriously... I want to find out who at essence is approving these super sheer polishes so I can slap him or her. Put out a "too sheer for words" collection so we have some warning.

Even more disappointing was Nabi Metallic Orange:

That's three coats. Not too bad in the sun, I guess, but in the shade...

The dreaded Phantom Dirt Line. *GYAH!* I had such hopes...

Am I the only person that goes a little berserk when this happens? Fortunately I have something super pretty on now. I'm about to add some fun glitter. Oh! I just used my mom's phone to take a picture of my hair and it came out more color-accurate than mine has been able to manage:

*snickers* As smudgy as that is I'm guessing she doesn't realize there's a camera lens on the front of her phone. XD Anyway, it still looks a tad greener than that in real life I just don't know why it's not showing up. I think I may need to dig out my proper camera and see how that one feels about it.

That's it for me for now. Spent two hours this morning cutting grass (doesn't my lawn look all pretty and manicured? LOL) so I'm ready for some lunch! lol Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/" I'll see you soon.