Friday, April 3, 2015

Sims 4: Get To Work ~ The Doctor Career

Excitement! The first expansion pack for The Sims 4 is Get To Work and includes three active careers (doctor, detective and scientist) and the ability to open ones own shop. So it's like Open For Business from Sims 2 and Ambitions from Sims 3 crammed together. Also, there's aliens. I've been trying to play Sims 4 differently than the previous ones. Usually I end up with a bunch of the same kinds of Sims. This time I started with a Legacy family and I'm trying to make each of them different. Sims has helped me with this by re-introducing the achievements so I have lots of stuff to work towards. Anyway, there is a lot of extra content in Get To Work, but so far I've only scratched the surface by delving into the doctor career. First, a little background:

My legacy family is based off of one of Aaron's friends. Mostly as a joke because he kept insisting that "Sims sucks" and I thought it would be funny to get him interested by making Sims based on him. As such this is my first patriarchal legacy so daughters get moved out of the homestead as soon as they hit young adulthood. Abbie (on the left) and Belinda (on the right) were the first two children born into the legacy family. They became bestest friends and I really liked them so I moved them out together. Abbie is a bit rough, but Belinda is more gentle and I thought she'd make a great doctor. So taking a break from my other Sims I rushed over to the sisters and made Belinda change careers.

When it's time for work a prompt appears asking if you want to join your Sim at his/her job or let them go alone. Which is nice because you don't have to bother if you don't want to and it will work like any other passive career. Once you click "join" you are whisked to the appropriate job location. (In Sims 4 time at home is not paused like it is in Sims 2 and the "left behind" Sim will care for him/herself and go to work as well) Here is the layout of the hospital:

It's not too big, but has everything you need to get through the day including a bathroom and cafeteria. Just like the parties you are given a time limit (until the end of the work day; you can also "leave early" or "stay late") and several objectives to increase the success of your work day. For the doctor most of these objectives are related to diagnosing patients. Here's one now! This is Dave VI Schultz who happens to be Belinda's great-great-great nephew. Yeah, I turned off aging for inactive households.

Even starting out a Sim can do basic things like check the patient's eyes, ears, temperature. Even take a tissue sample for analysis.

Even if s/he doesn't understand the results. Her first couple of days she had to pass off a lot of her results to a "real" doctor for diagnosis. As the Sim progresses through the career, however, more advanced tests are unlocked. Like xrays and the treadmill (stress) test.

Once she got into the swing of things Belinda was able to put together a solid diagnosis on her own. Once a patient has been diagnosed that little blue heart over their head turns red and you can give them medicine and send them home.

To give you a better idea of what this all looks like strung together, here's a quick video of the basic testing process:

Easy peasy. To increase your day's success it helps to do the tests in the order they pop up under your objectives. Not all tests will come up and sometimes you have to do them anyway for a proper diagnosis; even if you don't get "credit" for it. Here's a quick look at rendering the diagnosis and administering medication:

And that's basically it. Do that as many times as you can in the time given. Which is, admittedly, the depressing part. So far it takes Belinda so many tests to diagnose a patient I can only get through two a day. The other hospital employees are just this side of useless so there's always a line at the reception desk...

Is it wrong that I always have her treat family members first? lol

Well, there it is. The doctor career. Still haven't upgraded my computer so I like that the lot is small and doesn't get too overcrowded. Aaron has done well with the detective career in that regard, but the scientist one seems kind of buggy.

Hope everyone has a great week. I'll be back tomorrow with Rocket Green. Take care out there! (^_^)"/"


  1. Duhh... this one just showed up in my feed... and it's almost a week old! *mumbles something about stupid puters*
    I love reading your game posts :)
    Haven't played Sims in ages... (I think it was way back when you had to use floppies to install it ;)

    1. hehehe Yay! Also, stupid computers. >_> My friend, Brak, got me addicted a few years ago with Sims 2. I often wish real life was as easy as it is for Sims...


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