Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sims 4: Get To Work ~ The Detective Career

Back again with more Sims! Two weeks ago (dang, really?) I went over the Doctor career included in the Get To Work expansion pack for Sims 4. Today I'm going to cover the Detective career! I knew from the start I wanted to make some Sims based off of this Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in-game radio commercial. Here is my imagining (as far as Sims allows) of Yuppie and The Alien:

Koogon Spurlock as "The Alien" and Chet Yuppington as "Yuppie". In Get To Work if you have two Sims in the same household working in the same active career, they do not go to work together. No Sim juggling or workload sharing here. I had to choose which Sim to go to work with and they each worked their own separate cases.

The Detective lot is a little bigger (and more Sim-filled) than the Doctor lot so I am having to deal with a little lag. Pausing for 5seconds (give or take) usually gives the game time to catch up. This lot includes holding cells, a crime board, evidence analyzers, computers... everything you need, really. It also has a small gym and kitchen upstairs. Let's get to work! (ha)

The Detective career logically follows case-solving in the same way that the Doctor career follows caring for patients. (it also follows the same task/time limit formula) You start by "getting case assignment" from the computer (I often have to resetsim somebody to get to one; Sims are always on computers....) and then you start up a fresh case board:

You don't have to do too much with this as the game does most things automatically. Like when you click "go to crime scene" you don't have to figure out where the crime took place. It whisks you there automatically. Which reminds me: If you abhor loading screens, this may not be the career for you. There are a lot of them.

There is a lot to do at the crime scene. I usually start with taking witness reports. Witnesses can be found by hovering over the Sim and a red "Witness" will appear under their name. So far there have always been three; two helpful and one not so helpful. After collecting all of the witness reports it's time to "search for clues"!

Some clues are obvious, like broken electronics and graffiti. Whether you can see any clues or not (one lot had absolutely nothing obvious to go on) you can click anywhere on the ground and "search for clues". The Sim will stand there for a moment and then a yellow circle will radiate out to highlight any hidden clues. As in the screenshot above.

Then it's a matter of "take crime scene photo", "collect evidence sample" and/or "dust for fingerprints". Collect as much evidence as possible because...

Next you get to analyze it! You use the same machine found in the hospital to analyze samples and fingerprints, and you use the computer to "cross-reference police database" for the photos and witness statements. The more evidence you collect the better off you are because analysis and cross-referencing can fail and you want as many clues to the offender's identity as you can get.

Then you add it to the crime board! It helps to do this as the prompts appear to bring up your day's success bar faster. If you've collected enough clues you can compile the suspect's age, gender, hair color, top clothing, bottom clothing and a trait. It helps to have the Observant reward-trait (only 500 reward points) just to get a list of Sims' traits quicker. This part of the process usually takes a whole day. I don't end up going after anybody until the next work day. Then: More loading screens as you track down the perpetrator!

You click the crime board to "Issue APB" and the game whisks you away to wherever the Sim you're looking for is hiding out. There are enough clues given and enough Sim variety that I haven't had a problem with this one yet. Pause the game as soon as you get to the lot because the Sim you're looking for is already there. Wait too long and a bevy of Sims will come rushing in to fill up the lot. A quick check into your phone's notebook will tell you you're looking for, say, a male young adult with red hair wearing jeans and a short sleeved shirt. lol Arrest that bugger and take him in for questioning!

This is the fun part. You have interactions for "good cop", "bad cop" and "use evidence". There is a bar at the top that lets you know how the Sim is feeling. If they're tense or shy I use "good cop", but once they get defensive or smug I bring in the "bad cop". Sprinkling in some of the evidence helps bring their "confession" bar up quicker. Once the bar is full and flashing (don't push it past that or it will go back down) you click on the suspect and "get confession".

Then it's just a matter of processing. You don't have to do this part (unless it's one of your tasks and you need the performance points), but I like to, because...

I'm a bit of a sadist. LOL If you don't process them they go into an individual cell with a sink, toilet and cot all their own. If you do process them then they get stuck in there with the rest of the Sim-trash. XD I know. I'm awful. Once your perp is locked up it's okay to delete any extra evidence you may have in your inventory.

There is also an option (through the crime board) to "Go On Patrol". You have to do this the second day, but not really after that unless you need the points and it's the only task available. Rare, but it has happened. On patrol you talk to citizens and issue citations which is kind of boring and a pain since it's hard to tell if Sims are fighting on a lot (I've never caught one littering) unless they up and attack you personally. Which did happen to me a few times...

And that's about all there is to the Detective career. Pretty involved and a lot of loading screens, but you're rewarded with more unlockables than the other careers. Lots of fancy cop/detective looking clutter for your Sims' home. So far I haven't had to arrest any of "my" Sims, but Aaron did have an interesting time when he had to arrest his boss. My Yuppie ended up alien pregnant twice and I decided to make him quit his job to raise the second one (you have the option of sending the baby back to its home planet) so now I'm just working with The Alien and he's Level 7. Once I get him maxed out I'll scrounge up a Sim to explore the Scientist career. Fair warning: He or she will probably be a mad scientist. lol


  1. I'm jealous!! My new job takes up so much time I don't even have the time to play on my puter anymore (or do fancy stuff to my nails for that matter). I'm ages behind in reading blogs (ehm... make that a week ;)
    Looks like you're having a lot of fun in Sims. I'm curious yet kind of scared for that mad scientist... *has a vision of a rainbow haired Sim doing that awful echoing laughter like in the movies*

    1. Oh noes!! Stupid real life always getting in the way of fun stuff... :(

      Oh yeah, loving Sims. ^_^ I'm a bit scared of the scientist career, too... lol According to Aaron it's the most laggy. :/

  2. Ohhhh I miss the Sims, but if I start playing, I'll never ever stop again!

    1. hehehe They are difficult to step away from. Even for a few moments. ;)


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