Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Orly: Crossroad + #SBBNailChallenge

It's 4:30am. I haven't been sleeping well. On the bright side less sleeping means more time for other stuff, yeah? *groans*

Starting off today with two coats of Orly Crossroad which... is not what I expected.

Crossroad dried a lot darker than I expected, but it's still really pretty. The shimmer hides a lot, but you can see it when the light hits. Fortunately it served the purpose of making a very good base for some nail art!

This time I went for #SBBNailChallenge - 51 - Follow Someone's Tutorial. A few days (or weeks?) ago I spotted this tutorial shared by Pure Ice on facebook and knew I had to give it a shot:

Looks easy enough, right? Pretty and maybe not too complicated? I started off with the saran-wrap (sort of, I used a hunk of plastic bag) part using China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le with essence Chaising Lacy and English Rose:

For the line work I used the Orly Nail Artist water based paint in Jet Black so I could scrape off any seriously bad mistakes:

Which I did. A few times. lol For the dots I decided my butterflies needed a little sparkle so I used Color Club Worth The Risque:

Sparkly. ^_^ Yes, I know, my tips. I did wrap them, but did so with the black so it came off... *oops*

This one definitely deserves a ka-chick!

Been doing a lot on Sims. The detective career is taking a bit longer because I actually have two Sims in the same household working on that and they only let you go to work with one at a time. I have something special I'm working on for that. Also, of course, plenty of polish. lol Next you can look forward to essence The Black Cat and KleanColor Sugar Factory. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! (^_^)"/"


  1. OMG... Lizzy, this doesn't only deserve a ka-chick, it deserves a standing ovation!!
    This is absolutely fabulous *tries to get jaw back in place*

  2. *picks mouth up off the floor* Gorgeous!!!! I hope you are able to start sleeping better, it's so hard doing daily tasks on little sleep :)

    1. OMG Thank you! ^_^ Yeah, even driving is starting to get sketchy... >_>

  3. Hah, that turned out so well! I would definitely try this with a more classic monarch butterfly color :D

    1. Thanks! I was thinking orange and yellow would look great for this. Also thinking maybe duochromes or something iridescent. That would be super pretty, too. @_@


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