Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hello Kitty: Pink Rose, Funky Fingers: The Notebook & China Glaze: Broken Hearted +PLUS!!

OMG *dies* It's 9am and I started putting this together five hours ago. Aren't I having such the productive morning? lol I was going to put off the polish considering the excitement that landed in my mailbox, but if I keep doing that then I'll never get them posted! So, real quick, the polish:

First, two coats of this super cute Hello Kitty polish that gin sent in our last swap. According to the card it came on this is called Pink Rose:

Simple and pretty with no application issues. During removal everything did get kind of sticky, though. Not sure if that was from the many layers of polish, or if this one is "for kids" and intended to be peeled off. *shrugs*

Topped that off with one coat of Funky Fingers The Notebook:

I love this combination. Also, see that shine? No topcoat here! That's what The Notebook actually looks like!

Finally, some sadistic part of me was screaming "more pink!" so I finished with the China Glaze crackle Broken Hearted:

This has to be kind of an old polish, but it still cracks! hehehe I did topcoat this.

When Jasmine contacted me on Twitter with news of a surprise package on its way, I never expected anything quite like this!

*dies* I don't even have the words enough to thank her for this. Is that the Smashbox Magenta Matte lipstick?! *whoosh*

It is! *SQUEE*!! I also did my brows. Can you tell? hehehe I tried to get a good shot of just the Magenta Matte...

But the stupid early morning sun (hence the five hours) kept moving. The best picture I got was in the bathroom while I was taking a picture of my blue-green neck.

Pretty pretty pretty ^_^ Even though it's matte it applied really smoothly and doesn't look too dry.

Ever wonder what happens when you spend almost two hours chasing the sun around trying to get the "perfect" picture?

Something in your brain kinda pops... fair warning... lol

Okay, so coming up next will be essence Best Female (just realized it's from an awards show collection LOL) and this Marc Jacobs lipstick that I have to try. It. Looks. Perfect. For me. lol I like nude lips. Okay! Time to warm up my hands and wake up my better half. Make of that what you will. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and I will see you soon! (^_^)"/"


  1. Love, love, love the crackle over the other polishes, very unique look! What an awesome surprise to get in the mail!

    1. I absolutely love layering crackle over glitters! hehehe So many fun effects.

      Totally! I'm not worthy. ^_^

  2. You just made me spray tea all over my monitor, my keyboard and my desk... you should have put the warning above that last picture, not below it :D

    Oh, and that Hello Kitty polish is CUTE! I really like the combo with the glitters :)

  3. Cute rose polish, I like that it's got a dusty smoky undertone, slightly reminds me of one of the julep colors I never ended up getting!

    So glad you got the package!!

    1. It is really nice! Shame it's such a small bottle.

      OMG Thank you thank you thank you! ^_^ So many pretties.

  4. My goodness! That's quite a surprise package!

    I have a couple Cover Girl crackle polishes that still crack (or at least they did last year--haven't had them out in a while). I guess crack doesn't run out with time the way I hear thermals do.

    1. Lucky! The one CG crackle I have I don't think works anymore, although I may have just used it wrong? I think they worked differently back in the day. I had never heard of thermals not working, though! That's distressing... :(


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