Thursday, April 16, 2015

Essence: The Black Cat & KleanColor: Sugar Factory +Nail Mail

Yep, bunch of stuff to cover. On account of my exhaustion induced laziness. I did sleep through the night finally, but I think I'll take a little nap after I get this posted.

Starting off with two coats of essence The Black Cat. Just the name gets me all excited. I love my black kitties, even the black-hearted one. Okay, especially the black-hearted one. She does love her momma (me) after all. hehehehe *ahem*

The Black Cat has a soft matte finish. Of course it dried super quick! By the time I got to my last thumb my first pinkie was ready for a second coat. The first went on a little thin, but two was definitely enough for perfect coverage.

Then I went and topped this off with KleanColor Sugar Factory...

It looks kind of blue there, but Sugar Factory is one of those green-centered flakies. So there are also blues and sometimes yellows. Unlike Sugar Cravings, Sugar Factory more than lived up to the "textured 3D" claim.

Look at that! Just look at it! O_O So I guess it's just the luck of the dip. Also because I did one finger the night before and it came out fine. I also matte-ed it:

See? That one's not so bad. It had a couple of little corners poking up here and there, but nothing mountainous.

Nail mail! Got my recent order from Jen's Destash super fast!!

I got essie Belugaria, Formula X Black Hole, Hard Candy Sweet Tart and Black Tie Optional, and Julie G Gift Of Gold since I never got their Christmas texture collection. Woohoo! ^_^

Also, I was telling Aaron about the Smashbox lipstick I want and the other day we were wandering around HEB waiting for them to put out the sushi (he wanted some for breakfast) and he spied this LA Colors lipstick/gloss duo that is kind of a similar super bright pink:

It's called "Glam" and also came with a free lip liner pencil. Not bad for $2.50, but... it's not quite the same as the Smashbox. Especially once I got it on my lips. I think I'm going to have to use a primer to lighten them up a bit first. Pictures of that will come.... eventually. lol

Up next I'll have the ultra gorgeousness that is Nabi Metallic Punky. If you follow me on Instagram then you've already seen a preview because... man that was some bad cleanup. lol I fixed it, though, and will have pics in the next day or two. I'm in no hurry to remove it. hehehehe Still working on the detective thing sort of. I should have enough pics to do a rundown of the profession, but... I'm lazy. I'll look over that and see if I need anything else. Uhm... I think that's it for today. Hope everyone is having a great week! (^_^)"/" Y'all take care.


  1. The black is gorgeous (and on my shopping list for later today as I have to go to the drug store anyway) but the flakies would drive me insane! I would be picking on the sticking out parts all day!
    (oh, and sushi for breakfast? *shudders*)

    1. omg I hope you can find it! *fingers crossed* Yeah, I totally removed this shortly after getting the pictures. I can deal with a little texture, but that was snagging on everything!

      hehehe We keep weird hours so it wasn't that odd. ;)

  2. Oh I should go get me that black, lol!

    1. You should! ;) Can't have enough black nail polish. lol

  3. Replies
    1. hehehe You sure know how to tempt me! ^_^


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