Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Color Club: Kapow!

Up before the sun today. Whippee! First there's something I kind of want to talk about. I debated for a long time last night bringing it up at all, but... most of us are bloggers (the ones who comment, anyway) and that's great! We're an awesome community of folks and I love you guys dearly. I like that even if either of us posts something the other (whoever you are) isn't entirely thrilled about we can say so in a nice way and it's all in good fun. To each her own, right? Well... Last night I saw something that really disturbed me. I was looking up essence swatches and landed on a blog that was less-than-friendly to one of her readers. The comment mentioned that while the blogger's swatches were nice she wasn't impressed by the thermo color-shift. Fair enough, it's not that impressive. The way this blogger reacted you woulda thought the commenter had called her grandmother a hooker! It was pretty brutal to read. Her, supposed, reason for such a reaction was that the commenter was "consistently negative commenting" so I (of course) took a quick peek at the archives and it was always a similar reaction. "awesome review, but" "great look, but" you get the idea. Maybe I sympathize with the commenter because I tend to do the same thing? I mean, not everybody is going to love (or be able to afford) every product, but that doesn't mean we can't also appreciate the blogger's effort. It's this kind of honest (but nice) commenting that helps us get to know each other. Like, I know Jasmine's not a fan of pink nail polish and Joyce doesn't wear eye-searing neons. That's okay! I'll have something more your taste later. I guess my point is that even if you have 800+ "readers" (which she did) it's important to respect and appreciate those who take the time to comment because they're the ones actively interacting with you; and also realize that just because somebody doesn't like something it's not a personal attack on you. I'm so grateful that all of the blogs I follow and comment on are run by some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of e-meeting. Have you ever come across something like this? Either personally or while browsing? No need to name-names, just curious.

*phew* Now that I've gotten that off my chest, let's take a look at Color Club Kapow!, shall we?

Two coats of Kapow! over white plus topcoat. Honestly, I'm on the fence with this one, but that's purely my own fault. I was expecting to be blown away by brightness.

Kapow! is pretty bright, but I feel like the swatches I saw online were brighter? Or maybe I'm just neon-spoiled. It is pretty, though. I kept looking at it so that says something. lol

There is also a hint of shimmer in Kapow! that gives it a bit of depth. I think it's pink shimmer? It's not as obvious as the blue/lavender shimmer in Lola, but it's not really hidden either.

Can you see it? o_O? *shrugs* I know I said I was going to pair this with Fairy Dust, and I actually did, but... clouds. >_< All I had was silver specks. I'll hang on to that for later.

So right now I'm mid-application wearing one coat of Belugaria and... not to be contrary-wise, but I'm kinda digging it. lol My grandma always accused me of "arguing just to argue" but in all seriousness Belugaria is reminding me of a textured Androgynie. The glitter. The glitter!! You'll see. I'll try really hard to get this up tomorrow so you can see it's not really that bad. lol Hope everybody's having a great week. GLITTER! (^_^)"/"


  1. Kapow indeed, it's beautiful <3 And I completely agree with you on the "hate", there's always a polite way to disagree with someone

    1. hehehe Yeah, the name caught my attention as much as the color. ^_^ Definitely. Politeness matters!

  2. Hehe, I saw the swatch in the thumbnail and started reading your page. I actually had to chuckle when I came to the part of Jasmine not liking pink and me not wearing neons... and you wrote that in a post for a pink neon polish :D
    Seriously though, I totally agree with you! I love reading comments on my posts as it meant someone read them and took the effort to write down her thoughts, whether (yep, had to look that one up on Google Translate ;) she likes what I put on my nails or not. But no way I'm going to freak out if someone doesn't agree with me and tells it to me. In fact, I like the differences! For instance, I don't think I would wear Kapow but it looks great on your nails and who knows, maybe I'll try a pink neon one day just because maybe it would look good on me as well (just as long as I don't have to wear it to work though ;)

    1. LOL Yeah, I thought that was funny, too. ;) That's part of my point, though, is knowing that everything isn't for everyone, but keep at it anyway because you never know. Like, I used to shy away from blush but Jasmine finally convinced me to try it again and now I have two! Maybe you never try a neon, that's okay. Maybe one day you find one super cheap and decide to go for it. That would be awesome. There's always weekends for experimenting. ;)

    2. Right now weekends are for sleeping and for cleaning the house and getting groceries for the next week ;)
      (but I'm planning to give my nails some TLC as well so who knows)

    3. Stupid real life... *grumbles* lol Yeah, I've been so busy lately I've been wearing the same polish almost all week.


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