Thursday, March 5, 2015

#SBBNailChallenge - 1 - Red

Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of #SBBNailChallenge! Today I have another water marble for the Red prompt. Wanna see?

So much red. lol Here are the polishes I used:

Pure Ice Kissing Cupid, China Glaze Scattered & Tattered, A England Camelot and A England Perceval. Mix them all together in a bucket....

*ahem* Started with two coats of Kissing Cupid topped with Scattered & Tattered.

Then I water marbled over that with clear polish and Perceval using Camelot as an accent.

You can see the design a little better with some matte topcoat...

There we are. lol Definitely very much red.


In other news, Blogger has decided to retract their adult content policy change which I see as a very good thing, because they're actually listening to their users. IMO an "Adult Content Ahead" warning is plenty. Forcing users (any users) to make their blog private would severely limit their potential following and, as I mentioned before, it's a dangerous first step towards censorship which should concern us all. On a lighter note: I'll be back to swatching tomorrow with Barry M Waikiki and Nabi Holographic Green... which I should have done today since the sun is shining so brightly. Hopefully that will hold into tomorrow as well. *fingers crossed* Time to wake up my better half and get this day started before my mom steals my car. *grumbles* Y'all stay warm out there. Spring is on its way! (^_^)"/"

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