Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paddy's Day Mani

Hey, guys! I know I'm sucking at keeping up with everyone else's blogs. Spent yesterday at the in-laws and got a wedding coming up, but I will try to do better! Promise.

So here's my mani from yesterday:

I started with two coats of A England St George which didn't get to really sparkle due to it being all overcast again. I stamped some larger clovers with Pure Ice The Secret Is Out!, then the faeries and smaller clovers with Models Own Chrome Gold. Now... the sad part... the stupid cable was glitching out during Walking Dead and when I tried to fix it... this happened...

*cries* I'm slowly working on filing down the rest of my nails to try and make things a little more even. Moving on... here's my thumb where you can see the green clovers a bit better:

Since it was a holiday and we found out kind of last minute that we were going out, I didn't really have time to do my hair. So: Wig to the rescue!

Yep, even went grocery shopping like that. lol

Alexis did her nails, too!

And that is that. I've got two comparisons coming up. First the oil slicks, then some flakies. Then back to the chromes with Chrome Blue. Time to get my butt back to work. Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"


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