Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Orly: Shine & Models Own: Studio 54

Bright and early today. ^_^ Want to get an early start on my nail art for tomorrow. So today we're starting off with two necessary coats of Orly Shine:

Freakin' amazing. The first coat was a bit sheer and patchy, but the second evened it out and brought everything together. A girl can't have too many silver metallics, right? ;)

I used Shine as undies for Studio 54 to compensate for sheerness. Studio 54 is just too gorgeous to allow VNL.

I'm not sure my pictures entirely do Studio 54 justice. :( In reality she's a pop of hot pink/fuchsia. Like... ya know... disco pink! Check out this swatch on Fundamentally Flawless for a better idea of the true color.

So. Tomorrow. If everything works out and the stars align just so I will have water marble for #SBBNailChallenge - 1 - Red. That is the only hint I'm giving. If it doesn't work out then you'll get to laugh at my fail pics. It's win-win! For you guys. lol So come on back to see how I do! Got another cold front coming through (it's really nice currently, but that won't last) so stay warm, drive safe, and have a Happy Wednesday! (^_^)"/"

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