Sunday, March 1, 2015

Nabi: Holographic L. Pink

I'm here and the sun's still up! Woohoo!! I'm feeling much better, just a slight cough leftover. Actually, I'm feeling so much better that today is the first day I've straightened my hair or worn any makeup since I got sick. That's a definite indicator of wellness, right? Let's get started!

Oh Nabi. lol I both love and hate how they'll latch onto a finish and just pump out every color imaginable. The upside is tons of colors in a particular category, the downside is tons of repeat names. So they don't waste valuable resources coming up with new names... keeps prices down? Maybe? Anyway, from the Holographic set here is L. Pink:

Oops. I'm feeling better, but the sky is still grey. This is two coats of L. Pink over one coat of essence Antique Pink. I did an opacity test and found L. Pink quite sheer. In fact, I could have skipped the test because it says right on the bottle that it's intended for layering. *facepalm* I'm guessing this means I really don't need any more than the two I have.

It does look like L. Pink has sort of a diffuse linear holo going on, though, and that's pretty sweet. You can find these for roughly $5.50 on amazon. Here's a video! Indoors with the flash and there's makeup all over my hand, so... ignore that. ;)

Sparkly. ^_^ I've been hovering around my new Bundle Monster plates. Intrigued because I've heard time and again that the images are supposed to be larger and that's really exciting for me. You may have noticed (or not) that my nails are quite a bit shorter than I normally keep them (it's a cycle) so I didn't figure I'd have any issues. I peeked through and landed on plate BM-608:

That shatter image really piqued my interest. How did it turn out?

Awesome as hell. lol Although as short (to me) as my nails are, the image just fit. *ggrr* Thankfully they've jumped on the "four quarters" bandwagon. That works so much better. Also, you may have noticed what looks like patchiness with the L. Pink. I can't really explain that because it applied so smoothly. I think perhaps the brush is a bit stiff? I'll have the green one in a few days, maybe that will shed some light.

Moving right along, tomorrow I'll be back with Models Own Chrome Green (*squee*) followed by Julep Hazel. I didn't get the March box so that should give me some time to catch up on those. Hope everybody is having a fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. Oh this is freakin gorgeous!!

    1. Nabi definitely shows out! I wish they were more widely sold... :/

  2. Love it, the color is great and the stamping makes it even better!!
    I have some sheer holos hidden in a drawer somewhere... I really should dig them out :)

    1. Yes! See if we can't tempt the sun to come out a bit more. ^_^


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