Friday, March 20, 2015

KleanColor: Sugar Cravings & Maybelline: Diamon In The Rough +Nail Mail

That's a mouthful. lol Today I have two flakie toppers to share. They looked very similar when I did a quick swatch test, that is why I'm showing them together; both layered over Wet n Wild Black Creme.

Starting with one coat of KleanColor's Sugar Cravings:

I think the fine folks at KleanColor were trying to cover their asses with the "textured 3D" label. I did have a couple of the flakies poke up through my topcoat, but nothing dire. I've seen far worse- Lookin' at you, Green Ocean.

Maybelline's Diamond In The Rough is similar to Sugar Cravings, but a bit lighter and I don't recall any of the flakies poking up.

Funny, indoors I thought these would be identical, but once I got the bottles outside there are noticeable differences:

On the nail they do look somewhat similar:

Sugar Cravings, on my index finger, leans more red-orange while Diamond In The Rough, on my thumb, is a lighter orange with some greens.

What's got two thumbs and is super psyched about the swap package she received last night? This girl!

Another amazing goodie bag from the fabulous gin shivers. *squee* Perfect timing, too, because I'll be wearing one of those essences to the wedding tomorrow. ^_^

Oh my goodness, this month... I don't know if I'll have time to post tomorrow, but I will try to get a shot of my outfit for posting. I turned in a ton of mPoints for amazon gift cards and ordered three polishes last night. A Nabi texture and two of the Color Club neons. I keep trying to tell myself to get something not nail related, but... it keeps coming back to polish. lol Hope everybody has a safe and fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. i am so glad you like it all :) i am curious how the pasta will turn out

    1. Love it! I will try the pasta sometime this week! ^_^

  2. Which of the flakies did you like best? I think I lean towards Diamond in the Rough...

    1. Definitely Diamond In The Rough. It applied more smoothly and all of the flakies lay flat.


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