Thursday, March 19, 2015

Julep: Becky +Comparison

Howdy howdy howdy! Today I have a fun little comparison for you, but first: swatches! When I first saw Becky online for the box picks I was super excited! Then I saw her in person and was a bit let down... She looks kind of dark and grainy compared to my other "oil slick" polishes. Once I applied her, though, I totally got it!

Since swirly polish (as you would see in an actual oil slick) is (so far) only obtainable through marbling, Julep used a different way to get all of the colors to show up at once. Becky is opaque in two coats and does dry semi-matte. I used a topcoat so I could go to bed. lol

Isn't that pretty?! Still a little dark, but I guess that makes sense.

For the comparison I have three polishes that claim to reflect the "oil slick" effect:

Julep Becky, Butter London Petrol and essence Power Girl. So how do they stack up against each other?

Becky is definitely the odd man out, but also gives you the most colors at once without having to move your fingers around. Power Girl is the most opaque, as Petrol is a sheer topper that makes it more versatile.

That's one coat of each. It's hard for me to make a recommendation here considering price, availability and the fact that they're all pretty unique. For Mavens I would totally recommend grabbing Becky if she ever shows up as an add-on or on sale. Unless she just doesn't appeal to you, of course.

Tomorrow I have a twofer and another comparison, followed by another chrome. Truckin' right along. lol I've seen a few people got a ton of snow dumped on them recently. We're still mostly wet and grey here in Texas. Hope everyone is staying safe and warm, wherever you are! (^_^)"/"


  1. I'm going to have to go with Petrol as my favorite, as it's the only of of the trio that I own. :)


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