Sunday, March 22, 2015

Essence: On The Road Again & Julep: Queen Anne +Wedding

Yes! We made it and we're alive. My neck hurts from all of the recent driving, but that will ease up soon enough. First! Starting with the polish. Decided to go a little subdued with essence On The Road Again. Also the name is very appropriate. lol

Two coats of On The Road Again over Zoya Farah which I think may have absorbed some of the texture which was more prominent on my swatch test. Going to have to line this up for a re-do at some point.

Even with the gold sparkles I thought On The Road Again would make a nice neutral base for Julep's Queen Anne.

Pretty purpley glitter that could be full coverage with more coats. It does sparkle!

Just that we haven't been getting much sun. :p

Wedding! I will say after all of the lead-up we had concerns, but it was a nice ceremony. Not too serious. They didn't turn into completely different people like we've seen with some couples. The part that really warmed my heart was how much time the groom made for Aaron. They've been friends for so long, but distance makes it difficult to spend time together.

The reception was nice, too and everybody was super friendly. I felt all weird in a dress, but at least I didn't spaz out and spill anything on myself. lol

A fun night overall and I wish Scott and Sarah all the happiness in the world.

That's it for me. Time to grab dinner. Got Models Own Bubblegum lined up for tomorrow followed by the color changing essence My Sweet Escape. Lots of fun stuff. Hope everyone's having a great weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. Very pretty combo on your nails! And I think you look beautiful in the dress! And I love your hair colour <3

  2. You guys look cute and I hope you had a lot of fun ;)

    1. Thank you *blushes* We did have some fun.

  3. You look great in a dress but I can tell you're feeling weird... you're actually sort of smiling in that picture :p
    (seriously though, that dress looks really good on you)


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