Friday, March 6, 2015

Barry M: Waikiki & Nabi Holographic: Green +Plus

Hello, lovelies! I'm here, though barely. lol Long day. Finally found my glasses Rx so I ordered a new pair. Yay! Going to have to put off new contacts for a bit, but that's okay. Will be nice to not have cracked glasses anymore.

Today! OMG Today. hehehe Two coats of Barry M Waikiki. Totally worth the $2 or whatever I paid during the Llarowe sale.

For some reason I overlooked the giant "Matte" on the label until I noticed that Waikiki dried matte. That's even better, because it dried super quick.

Of course I couldn't resist using this as a base for the Nabi Holographic Green:

Fabulous! We did get some sun today. Here's a video!

Great job, Nabi! I didn't notice any streakiness on this one, so I'm guessing it could be a result of only using one coat of base color for L. Pink.

I got a nice surprise yesterday when the Konad Special White that I ordered came in already! I could wait to test it out against the Wet n Wild French White Creme:

Special White on the left, French White Creme on the right. The Special White is definitely much more opaque and far brighter. It looks like the French White Creme picked up more of the image, but that could be because I filed my scraper (old gift card) when I noticed a ton of streaking left behind after the first stamp.

Surprise! That black background is the last bits of Maybelline Onyx Rush. So I finally had to buckle down and decide how to indicate that on my Collection Page. This is what I came up with:

Simple and unobtrusive, but obvious enough. I should put an update about that at the top of the page. lol

Okay so tomorrow I'm going to have Models Own Chrome Silver compared against OPI Push & Shove. Depending on how the day works out I may also have a swatch of Sinful Colors Standing Bloom Only to go along with it. If not I'll have that on Sunday. It was a very nice day today, once the sun came out. Hopefully it's warming up for you as well. Enjoy your weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. i read this title as green pus...which is kinda the shade of the polish :D

    love it with the holo on top though! can't resist the sparkle.

    1. LOL!! Yeah it is kinda pus-looking. I still love it, though. <3 Especially with the holo. ;)

  2. Great combo! Do you know if those Nabi holos are still available somewhere that has an online shop? I mean, a girl can never have too many holos, right?

    1. I found these on amazon. Looks like they also have some on eBay. I hope that helps. ^_^

    2. Unfortunately Amazon doesn't ship polishes to my corner of the world... so eBay it is :)


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