Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Zoya: Anaka

I feel like I've been sitting on Anaka (and Giovanna...) forever. lol Perseverance! Slow and steady! All that good stuff. I just did a quick swatch-for-pictures of Anaka because.... I didn't realize when I ordered her that she was going to be jelly... or as red as she is. I was expecting something slightly more pink. And opaque. Still, she is quite lovely at two coats, I just can't comment on dry time.

Application was a breeze thanks to Zoyas immaculate formula and tiny little brush. Also, up close you can see the pretty pink shimmer:

One day I'd really like to try one of those manis where you do stamping between jelly layers, but... I just don't think I have any that are sheer enough. Except neons. lol Too sheer alone and not sheer enough for fancy techniques... *sigh*

Anaka is pretty, though. Just not what I was expecting and I'd have to be in the right mood for her. Ah well. It happens.

Over the next three days I'll have three more pink manis of increasing sappiness. lol I'm not really a fan of Valentine's Day (it really makes people, coupled and single, do the most stupid, illogical things....), but since I find myself in possession of so many pinks... I may as well go for it. Directly after V-Day I'm going to have a contact lens review! Stick around for that and you'll get to see video of my hubby. hehehe He took it for facebook, but said I could use it to demonstrate his UV reactive lenses for you guys. Yay! Okay, time to post up and get back to cleaning while my mom's gone. *looks around* She's such a hoarder. I didn't say that. ;) Y'all have a great week! Stay safe and take care. (^_^)"/"


  1. Oohh... combined with pink or silver glitters this could maybe be used for a glitter sandwich, but it is gorgeous on its own :)


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