Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stamping With Models Own Chromes

Not all of them, but a few. I started with Chrome Olive and Chrome Gold because I wanted to see how similar they were.

Born Pretty Store plate BP-21


They do work really nicely for stamping. Only had a couple of the edges peel up, but could tamp them back down for the most part. Color-wise I think I'm going to have to swatch these together. It's a bit hard to tell any differences with Tribe And True in the background. *oops*

Next I stamped Chrome Green over Chrome Indigo (swatches coming soon) and Bundle Monster plates BM-204 and BM-201.

Same deal. Had a few of the edges come up, but not really a big deal overall.

I was going to use this for a #SBBNailChallenge, but I think I can do better. Also, bit hard to see the greenness of the green there...

There it is. ^_^ Can't wait to wear Chrome Green for real.

I'm going to keep trying the stamping with these chromes. Got a few ideas. Tomorrow I'm going to have Julep Tyra and then Tuesday will be the proper swatch for Chrome Indigo. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Y'all take care out there and Happy Polishing! (^_^)"/"


  1. This settles it... I want all the ones you stamped with (and the others too ;)


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