Saturday, February 28, 2015

Models Own: Pray #SBBNailChallenge +Haul

Okay, so I didn't end up posting any earlier... also didn't fix the electrical problems. *ggrr* I did learn some things, though, explained the situation to my dad and we'll figure out the rest when he gets back home.

So. Starting off today we have two coats of Models Own Pray. A gorgeous chocolaty brown.

Applied smoothly, dried quickly. I love these chocolaty browns. hehehe

I decided that Pray would make a good contrasting, yet complimentary, base for today's #SBBNailChallenge is 54 - Something From Pinterest. I took my inspiration from this flowers on newspaper print pin and this simple flower burst pin. The result?

Ta-da! I used the tiny dried flowers I picked up from Sally's and Bundle Monster plate BM-616 with Models Own Chrome Pink for the stamping. The only bothersome part was that I couldn't use my normal stamper? For some reason it wouldn't transfer the middles of the images. So I used my much stiffer backup stamper and that worked much better. Even if I did have to press a lot harder to get the design all over and around the curves of my nails...


Nail mail time! hehehe I've been following @polishedpony on Instagram for a bit and when she mentioned that she was going to destash on Storenvy I had to check it out! It took me a little while to get some money together (Models Own sale and all), but I finally managed to snag some preciousses:

I got Orly Crossroads and Shine, KleanColor Sugar Factory, Sugar Cravings and Blind Date, Maybelline Diamond In The Rough, Hard Candy Fun N' Festive and Rocket Green. ^_^ I debated over that one for a long, long time because I'm kinda squinky about adding brands, but... zomg look at that green!! In the end I couldn't pass it up. You should check out her shop. She keeps adding stuff!! *dies*

Thanks to everything I'm no longer ahead on my swatching. lol Tomorrow I'm going to have Nabi Rainbow Effect L. Pink which is sheer so I need to dig out something to layer it over. Hopefully the weather will start clearing up... hrm... Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"


  1. That flower looks great, but how do you keep yourself from eating your nails with that chocolate on them? Gorgeous color!!
    And I'm not going to comment on the chrome... I already want them all, you made them look way too good *glares at Lizzy*

    1. hehehe It is not easy, that's for sure. I kept staring at them like a fat girl. ^_^


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