Monday, February 16, 2015

Models Own: Chrome Olive VS Chrome Gold

Sometimes you come across colors within a collection that appear almost too similar. Especially in the case of super reflective chromes or super sparkly holos. It was very difficult to note any differences between these two chromes while stamped; bring on the swatching!

Let's begin with two coats of Chrome Olive:

Very nice and shiny. You can kind of see the pale green tones.

Next, two coats of Chrome Gold:

Definitely more yellow. Let's see them together!

Chrome Gold on the left, Chrome Olive on the right. Much easier to tell the difference this way. Here's another shot, included is Chrome Rose because the bottle for that one is also on the muted side:

All different. ^_^ And the masses breath a sigh of relief. *phew* lol

Well, for a while I was ahead of the game, but after a hectic day yesterday I'm about to be back to swatching the night before posts. *grumbles* Tomorrow I've got Julep Shelly and Luna followed by Models Own Pink Punch. So far I haven't run into any iced neons that don't require undies, but Norma swears by Pukka Purple so we'll see when I get there... lol Alrighty, time to take another crack at cleaning the stove... *grumbles* Oh... and feed the cats, I guess. *oops* Y'all take care out there. Those of you who are getting one, enjoy your extended weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. These two definitely are different :)
    Just wondering, if you have happen to have China Glaze Passion, could you do a comparison between that one and the Models Own gold chrome? (if they are close enough, maybe I won't need the Models Own one as I have the entire Romantique collection... on the other hand, who am I trying to kid? ;)

    1. Oh noes! I don't have Passion. :( Sorry. From what I recall of a previous chrome comparison, the colors are probably similar, but the formula is likely to be different. The Romantique chromes are a bit thicker whereas these flatten out when they dry.

  2. OMG these must be really good for stamping?

    1. Oh yes! I'm going to try to do more stamping with them. I just ordered a set of Bundle Monster plates, so hopefully that will help encourage me. ;)


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