Friday, February 20, 2015

Julep: Shelly & Luna +Haul

Hello, all. I am (hopefully) back from my short, sick-induced hiatus. I probably could have blogged, but I just wasn't feeling it. I'm still not 100% well, but well enough to concentrate. ;) Today we have a layering combination I have been looking forward to since adding Luna to my January Maven box. Finally getting around to it! Starting with two coats of Shelly:

A beautiful sky blue cream. I had no problems with the formula on this one.

Luna, on the other hand, applied nicely enough, but the frosty iridescent finish proved... interesting...

It is pretty, for the most part. I would recommend layering over a lighter color, otherwise the base ends up looking like this:

Not fantastic. lol Here's a shot with the flash:

The bonus is that this is one coat. The flakies spread themselves out fairly evenly. Those that lay flat. I did have some with edges sticking up. Overall, though, worth the $4.99 (covered by Jules) add-on price.

I had to run to Sally's for one final swap purchase and ran into a bit of... impulse buying...

Urban Lights and Hey Mr DJ! were buy one get one, Sea Temptress was on clearance for a little over $2. Also on clearance were some little "tubs" of dried flowers for nail art (which I'm super psyched to try out) and these cute files and tweezers were only 49cents each. The tweezers work better than the new ones I had just picked up! Fun and functional.

Assuming my health doesn't suddenly go downhill again *fingers crossed* I should be back tomorrow with Models Own Pink Punch which is freakin' amazeballs! I think I ended up wearing it for almost three days! That will be followed by Formula X Torque. Working down the line. Need to keep it up because I have another swap package coming soon! *SQUEE* Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"


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    1. It is! ^_^ I wasn't thrilled when I first saw it while picking my box, but I definitely like it in person.

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    1. Glad you like it! ^_^ Frosty iridescence is so hard to work with... lol


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