Friday, February 13, 2015

Julep: Hartleigh

Good morning, everybody! Today I'm showcasing the complimentary Valentine's Day glitter from Julep: Hartleigh. I had Aaron pick the base color and he chose Sinful Colors Pink Forever, so that's what I used! Here we have one coat of Hartleigh over two coats of Pink Forever:

This one coat is natural. No fishing, dabbing or turning the hearts around into their proper direction. lol Hartleigh consists of teeny and small matte-white glitters, teeny iridescent glitters and red hearts! A nice combination; classy despite its showiness.

Here's a video to show off the glittery shimmers:

Isn't that pretty? ^_^

I've got my V-Day mani all finished up. Pretty happy with how it turned out. You can look forward to that tomorrow. I've also gotten my queue more or less re-organized. I'm trying to keep away from too much repetition in color, brand and finish. It's just hard when I look at my untrieds and want to wear them all at once. lol You know how it is, yeah? Hope everyone has a happy Friday and an amazing weekend. (^_^)"/"


  1. It's a good thing my nieces aren't visiting at the moment.
    They would have turned me deaf with squealing about this manicure!
    This has to be the epitome of cute and girly :)

    1. hehehe It is pretty cute, huh? ^_^ Glad you didn't lose hearing over it! lol

  2. this is so adorable and what a great free gift! i didn't use it in time for valentine's, maybe i'll be super cheesy and use it for my anniversary in a couple weeks!

    1. That would be perfect! And only a little cheesy. ;)


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