Monday, February 2, 2015


LOL I totally almost forgot all about blogging and blogs today. Oops. So, first things first, here are the essence goodies I received:

I'm super excited! I think the eyeshadow, lipstick and black tubed mascara are part of their revamped line. (they delayed the reveal, but all of their promo stuff has been black and pink) I absolutely love how sleek it looks. I used mostly these products for the faces below.

Okay, so today I'm actually testing two things. It all started with this BuzzFeed article detailing how to use red lipstick to counteract dark undereye circles. o_O Part of the process includes using foundation which I haven't worn in years so I took Boobzilla's recommendation and picked up a bottle of Cover Girl 'Clean' foundation. Did it make a difference? Let's find out!

First things first, naked face. *cringes*

Not awful, but nothing worth writing home about. lol

First I started with some of the new essence products and my "normal" face routine. Meaning concealer + powder and no foundation:

I say "normal" because I normally go for nude/pale pink lips. Anyway, I like that my freckles aren't covered up, but you can almost always (unless I use a filter) still see my dark circles. Or maybe it's shadow?

I used the fancy new essence mascara here. Check out this length!

From this angle it does look like it's the indention more than the color that's the problem. You can, however, see the concealer... which I never noticed before...

Phase 2! Concealer + foundation + powder.

Hrm. Doesn't look that different, except maybe my eyes look a little puffy?

Except from this angle I get that indention again. Interesting.

Phase (or should I say "day"?) 3. Trying out this "red lipstick trick".

I'm dubious.... LOL

Then the foundation:

Still dubious.

Minus the foundation (which I have never seen by essence) I did a full essence face. My tools!

Here's how the eyeshadow trio looks on its own:

My new favorite mascara:

I really just wanted to take that picture. lol

Finished essence face:

Doesn't look too bad from a distance... How about up close?

Looks like there's something going on there... but it doesn't look that "something" is red lipstick so that's a bonus. What do you think? Did it help at all?

That's it for me today. Don't forget Taffeta tomorrow. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! (^_^)"/"


  1. This is about what happened in my head when reading this post:
    - yeah right, red lipstick? I don't think so!
    - (first face) it's not so bad... I have worse dark circles!
    - (second face) hmmm... maybe I should invest in foundation and stuff, no red lipstick though, I wouldn't wear it anyway...
    - (in progress lipstick covered) OMG!!!
    - (third face) whaat??? where did that identation go?! it really WORKS?! I have to get red lipstick NOW!

    1. LMAO It is worth trying. The red-orange is supposed to counteract the blue-purple tones in the circles. I'll have to go through a couple more "looks" before deciding if I'm going to re-add foundation into my routine.

  2. I have 2 red lipstick for ages but never wear then as i think it does not suit me. Love too see it in other people though.. Love the hair colour.

    1. I don't usually wear mine either. I've found that colored lips make me weirdly self-conscious.

      Thanks ^_^ I do need to re-dye it, though... >_>


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