Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Costume" Contact Lenses

Hello all you fabulous people! (^_^)"/" Today I'm going to review three different lenses that we've purchased recently and the sites that we got them from. Why three different sites? >_> He's pretty particular about his accessories and, ya know, I need a site that offers the correct prescription. Since neither blogger nor facebook let me choose a preview/thumbnail pic I'm going to go ahead and start with my contacts.

Ta-da! These are the EOS New Adult Pink Circle lenses from Pinky Paradise. I actually had to get these in a slightly lower power because the -5.00 were sold out. These must be popular because there are even fewer options available now. *eep* I checked their customer images and was fairly certain the center hole would be on the smaller side, but they still look rather large to me...

It's not as noticeable from a distance, but the blue+pink makes them look kind of lavendary to some people. The one thing I really like (aside from Rx options) is the super cute case that's included for free!

*SQUEE*!! hehehe Also, for better or worse, now that I have these I've been wearing more makeup. lol When I wear my glasses I don't usually bother, but without them my face feels naked and exposed so I have to dress it up.

So there's that.

Up next is the Manson Red Crazy Contacts that he ordered from colorlens4less.

Basically flat red with a black outline. The thing I like about this site is that you can add $5 to the order and they'll send a random pair of colored lenses! The ones he got were your basic "alter your color and still look natural" kind, but for $5 that's still not bad. If only I weren't half blind... They do offer "normal" colored lenses and plain clear lenses with Rx up to -8.00 so there is that. Will probably use them when I run out of clear ones.

Finally, the i-Glow Twilight New Moon ordered from YouKnowIt. He was driving me crazy waiting for these to arrive. lol Video time!

Full disclosure: One of the lenses did rip in half. >_< I talked with customer service and replacements are on the way, plus another pair that I got a sweet deal on. YouKnowIt does offer Rx up to -4.00 on some lenses, but they cost twice as much!! If that's not a problem for you then that's a good site to check out. (I'll stick with Pinky Paradise lol)

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed this non-nail post. I'll be back tomorrow with Chrome Gold and Chrome Olive. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. Hehe, your lenses look cute on you but remind me not to walk into Aaron when he's wearing his, especially those glow in the dark ones!
    I think I would be having nightmares for a month :)

    1. Thanks! ^_^ hehehehe Yeah, they are pretty freaky. The glow ones aren't as noticeable normal, but when they glow.... *shudders* Freaky!!

  2. I have pondered playing with lenses but a) I rarely wear my contacts anymore and b) unlike my nails, I can't see my own eyes and enjoy the adornment. Still, I would love to have purple eyes sometimes. :)

    1. LOL I do end up admiring my reflection a lot more when I wear colored lenses. ;) They do have a nice selection of purples that come with prescription. *nudge~nudge~wink~wink*


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