Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh No! Variety Show At Outlaw Dave's In Houston

Hey, guys! Are we all ready for some more sideshow fun? Fair warning: This post will contain some partial/implied nudity. I mean, that's one of the big reasons we drove three hours to catch the show! After midnight in a bar means NO KIDS to worry about! All the new stuff we got to see was well worth this commute. Not to mention getting to hang out with two of the most amazing people in the world. But I'm getting ahead of myself!

Like I said, Houston is a three hour drive from here so we left a little after 6pm to make sure that even if we got lost or ran into traffic we'd be in time for the first show at 10:30pm. Which is good that we did since my stupid GPS took us way around through some creepy back roads and ZOMG once we got near Houston everybody was driving super fast and erratically with their freakin' high beams on. >_< We had to work our way around a bit since construction had closed off our exit, but we made it to Outlaw Dave's with plenty of time to spare.

I don't have video or anything from the first show since we were recording with Boobzilla's phone for her. Yup. All kinds of official. lol If you want to check out the montages that she compiled (which, of course, I totally recommend that you do), check out The Amazing Boobzilla's facebook page!

The second show featured some old favorites as well as some totally new stuff. Old favorite? Antique animal traps. I feel a little bad because I know it has to hurt like a mad bastard, but something about these old traps just makes me giddy.

How about an old/new fusion? David the Goliath did a double-stack bed of nails with Houston performer 8-ball:

We hadn't met him before, but he was really awesome and friendly, too. Seriously, from our experiences sideshow people are some of the best people.

Something new! Mini dartboard and a blowgun. What?! Sorry about the crap quality, apparently windows movie maker had some kinda hissy fit while trying to save the first part of the video and photobucket is being too touchy for me to want to try uploading again. Just sit it out and it catches up to itself in about 4 seconds.

To see the full video, copy/paste this link:

More old/new! The chair lift! This time with Kiki Maroon who was responsible for bringing the show to Houston!

OMG! Then! We got a bonus surprise after the show. Another Houston performer, Marry Bleeds, was talking with Boobzilla about sword swallowing. I guess she's pretty new and BZ was giving her some tips. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop on people's conversations, BUT! Then this happened and I had to push my way in for some video:

How freakin' epic is that?! Once the mini-show was over I let them get back to their conversation without my big nose in it. lol

After everything was all packed up we hung out with everybody at Ihop. I had pancakes. lol The ride home was horrendous with more high beams and torrential rains. It was seriously bad. I did 40mph through most of it because I couldn't see anything other than the yellow reflector line. Tried to convince Aaron to get a picture of the rain (easily visible when I tried turning on my high beams for a second) but... he was more concerned with not dying. Which he didn't. Obviously... yeah? Anyway, at least the stupid GPS gave us a more direct route home, and we were able to fill up the tank with only $15! Which is about half what it used to cost. My check engine light is on now, so I'll have to get that looked into, but all in all it was well worth it.

Okay, one post down. lol Tomorrow I will do my Iconic swatches and then hopefully Wednesday I'll get Norma's impressions/reviews of ILNP's ultrachrome flakies up for you all. Depending on how enthusiastic I feel after my nap I may do that tomorrow and Iconic on Wednesday. Everybody keep your fingers crossed for a good day today (been feeling a tad emotionally unbalanced lately) and I hope each of you are having an amazing start to your week! (^_^)"/"


  1. You should have seen me watching those videos... I think my eyes almost popped out :)
    I don't think I've ever been to a show like this, or that they even HAVE shows like this over here!

    1. I didn't know that they still had shows like this over here until fairly recently. You may be surprised! Actually, one lady that Aaron follows just did a big thing in.... Denmark? I think? That was more burlesque, but I think they do sideshow, too.


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