Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Norma's ILNP Ultrachrome Flakies Post

Hello, darlings! So back when ILNP announced their ultrachrome flakie collection Norma and I were all polish-eyed over the previews. As the pre-order date neared we got all excited and drooly. Then, finally, when the pre-order date arrived... I got to sit in jealous huffiness as Norma placed her order. *sigh* Of course that meant that as soon as her order arrived I was pestering her for pics and such for you guys. hehehe Like the trooper she is, Norma delivered despite numerous difficulties trying to capture and describe their beauty. This also meant I got to sit here and throw together all the coding, but Norma really deserves the credit. I hope I didn't butcher her vision too badly. Here it is! Norma's overview of the ILNP Ultrachrome Flakies!


1. Success (very shifty)

In indirect indoor light: Green with purplish pink flecks. Very glittery/sparkly. Blue and purple flashes.

Under lamp: Bright green with purple and gold at extreme edges.

2. Atlantis

Indirect indoor light: Wine (solid, no flecks of other colours throughout), gold at extreme edges, purple/blue flash.

Under lamp: Purple with gold at edges

3. Electric Carnival (very shifty)

In indirect indoor light: Crimson with gold and green at edge. Gold, green and blue flash.

Under lamp: Wineish with mustard yellow flash.

4. Neon Rosebud – Very similar to Electric Carnival but has more of a gold/yellow shift where EC has more of a green shift in comparison.

In indirect indoor light: More fuchsia than EC (EC is more crimson). Not as strong of a gold flash at the edges. More green.

Under lamp: NR has more green interspersed compared to EC. They look like they’re flipped. EC has green with crimson flecks, NR has crimson with green flecks.

5. Open Fields

In indirect indoor light: Metallic grass green with gold interspersed. Strong blue flash with purple at extreme edges.

Under lamp: VERY shifty. No single real colour. Goldish green and blue with purple at edges.

6. Cold Fusion

In indirect indoor light: Blue green, purple, wine, blue, teal flash with gold / pink at edges.

Under lamp: Blue with purple throughout (evenly mixed), golden crimson at edges.

7. Phoenix

In indirect indoor light

Golden crimson flash, brownish wine with golden yellow at edges, dusty wine.

Under lamp: Golden purple with golden yellow at edges. Very faint icy blue flash at extreme edges.

8. Brilliance

In indirect indoor light: Gold with brownish crimsoney. Intense blue shift with purple at edges. Purpely flash. Green flash.

Under lamp: Crimson and gold flecks spread throughout equally.

9. Gaia

In indirect indoor light: Deep greenish blue, royal blue, gold at edges, purple flash.

Under lamp: Greeny blue, royal blue (gold, purple and pink at edges).

10. Supernova (DAYMN SOOO SHIFTY!)

In indirect indoor light: Purple, green (deep blueish green that glows), orange at edges, crimson, purple, blue flashes.

Under lamp: Pinky deep purple with deep green flecks throughout, goldish green at extreme edges.

11. Rapture

In indirect indoor light: Brownish, copper, with pewterish flash.

Under lamp: Mustard yellowish copper, blue grey at extreme edges.

Most similar:

Neon rosebud, electric carnival, phoenix
Cold fusion (blue/purple), gaia (green/royal blue)


Thank you, Norma! As a bonus, here are some pics of her wearing Neon Rosebud with a Rapture accent:

Look at all of those colors!! Man oh man I wish I had these in my collection.

Tomorrow I'm still looking at Janae and the topcoat comparison. After that it looks like we're back to the queue with essence Dopey. lol


  1. Ohhhh... *takes a good look at all the flakies... dies of pure admiration*

    1. Aren't they gorgeous?! @_@ I'm so jealous.

  2. *lazy lazerton was lazy* <_< Sorry!! Okay so what I shoulda told you was that I put two coats of the flakies over Orly Royal Velvet. But honestly? I don't think the basecoat mattered. It totally disappeared by coat two. According to ILNP these are completely opaque at 3 coats and I totally agree. I tend to do medium/thick coats and that way only 2 coats were needed to make this polish opaque.

    They went on like a DREAM and the dry time was pretty good!

    They came off so easily I almost fainted lol. Like seriously they *almost* came off as easy as a cream polish (I used fake Zoya remove+ to take these off)

    I donno if I'd call these 'flakies'. I think of flakies as being large irregular glitter (not those awful Mylar flakes but the glitters that are bigger than regular glitter). These looked more like glitter to me, mind you after two coats all I could see was shifty goodness @_@

    But Lizzy? Neither Neon Rosebud or Rapture could hold a candle to our beloved Mutie ;)

    1. hehehe No worries. The more polishes, the more of a pain it is to throw a post together. ;)

      OMG Mutie... *swoons* ZOMG You should try one coat of Supernova over Mutie!! @_@

    2. You're so right!! If this was one or two polishes I woulda whipped up a post no problem. But a whole team of em? *falls over*

      OOH supernova over Mutie! I gotta try that one out!

  3. So many pretty pictures! I ordered a few of these yet have not found time to try them. I have that problem at lot.

    1. @_@ You must! I need my fix! hehehe

    2. If it helps, Norma says they're really easy to remove. ^_^


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