Sunday, January 18, 2015

Models Own: Orange Sorbet +Comparison

Ermahgerd orange!! hehehe You know I can't resist a good neon and orange is one of my favorites. Right up there with yellow, green and pink. *looks innocent* Today's offering is a bright, neon orange from Models Own - Orange Sorbet!

The direct sunlight, coupled with the inherent difficulty of neons, makes Orange Sorbet look a little washed out. Here it is in the shade:

There we go. Nice and bright. This is two coats of Orange Sorbet over one coat of white undies. Applied smoothly, dried quickly. Only real issue was clean-up because (apparently) it's difficult to differentiate between orange and my skin in the dark. :p

I do have a few neon oranges. For comparison purposes I arbitrarily picked two:

Butter London Silly Billy and KleanColor Neon Orange. The results were pretty interesting.

Next to the other two Silly Billy looks dull and vintage, hardly neon at all! Neon Orange looks a bit darker, but somehow brighter than Orange Sorbet. It's kind of amazing how (in person, at least) none of these look anything like the others!

I have a vision of nail art for this. I'll give you a clue: There is a direct example somewhere in this post. hehehe I saw it while looking for which polishes to compare and thought "oh wow that was really cool!". So I will be doing "that". Assuming I can find cooperative colors. Intrigued? Good! I hope it works out. lol After that I will be featuring Barry M Ridley Road. Debating over whether or not to do a comparison with Kai; after pulling it out I realized the two look nothing alike. I guess I could compare the texture. Okay, that's what I'll do. Fun stuff. Hope everybody's had a terrific weekend. Love y'all!! (^_^)"/"


  1. Wow... that sure is bright!
    The (accidental?) ombre looks pretty good but I can't see myself rocking true eye-searing neons. I don't think I even have them ;)
    (I have my share of bright colors, though, don't worry, I haven't completely switched to nudes and browns)

    1. hehehe To each their own, yeah? The brighter the better for me. Hoping to be able to try the Models Own Iced Neons soon! *fingers crossed*

  2. I might have to buy the Models Own--that's Mr. K's favorite color.

    1. Have you seen about the sale on the 29th? I'm going a little bananas on that one. :3


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