Friday, January 23, 2015

Julep: Margit & Essence: Dopey

Good afternoon, darlings. Wow today ended up long. Had to take my mom's van to Discount Tire this morning, picked up my dad, had a ton of blogs to catch up on all of a sudden (how did I miss so many yesterday?!) and now we're trying to get the new digital adapters for the cable to work. Stupid cable...

Now that I have a moment to sit down, let's take a look at some pretty polishes! Starting with two coats of Julep Margit.

Margit was the Maven selection that I was least enthused about on the site, but in person on my nails... very classy. She actually could have been a one-coater, too! You know how I am, though, about trusting that. So this is two coats, dried pretty quickly. She is a bit thick, though, and I think that's where the bubbles came from. Not 100% sure, but... she was a bit thick...

You'll notice that Margit has a very lovely pink shimmer in the bottle. Again it was very overcast and rainy, so here's a shot indoors with the flash.

Ta-da! Ish? Hrm. You can kinda tell it's there, but it's not very flashy.

So, I decided that Margit was too different to use as a base for Dopey. Instead I used my yellow-buster basecoat and three coats.

Still pretty sheer after three coats, but a fun, pretty color. Doesn't particularly remind me of Dopey the Dwarf, but it's a nice color regardless.

Looks like we're back to the Satin Glams with Teal Tulle tomorrow. Then hehehe some more neon with Color Club Not-So-Mellow Yellow. I can't wait. I'm going to go make myself busy before I end up going on and on about the Models Own sale again. Need to see if I can do more surveys before then... *ahem* Y'all take care, be safe, and have a great weekend! (^_^)"/"

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