Thursday, January 29, 2015

Formula X: Rocket Fuel +Models Own Sale

Hello, darlings! Boy did I have an exciting morning! First, though, my good luck polish that got me through it: Formula X Rocket Fuel!

This is two thick, super fast drying coats. I used the Julep Oxygen Smoothing Basecoat and that appears to have worked moderately well. Can kind of see some ridges up by my cuticles, but nothing terribly dramatic.

Fabulous! Also lucky. Here's why:

I woke up this morning promptly at 3:50am and settled in for the start of the sale. Opened up the Models Own site as well as their Instagram and my paypal account so I'd be pre-logged into everything. No wasting time with passwords for this girl! Models Own had the chromes up and available before the start of the sale so I went ahead and added those to my cart. A quick refresh on Instagram at 4:00am revealed the sale code (HALFPRICE) and I was off! By 4:03am I was checked out and waiting for my order confirmation. Which ended up in my spam folder for some reason, but I had my paypal receipt so I wasn't concerned. So, how bad was I?

Pretty bad. lol I said when they released that one day I'd have all the Iced Neons. My only regret is that I couldn't afford the Speckled Egg polishes on top of that. *sigh* Still, this converted to $93.18 which leaves me exactly $0.32 in my paypal. Anyway, Models Own released the code around 4:30am (my time) on facebook which was immediately bombarded with "OMG I can't get in the site!". O_O That, my friends, is why I woke up early and had everything set up and ready to go. Now the hard part.... More waiting. Anybody else take advantage of this sale? Or plan to? It's good until... February 4th. Still time!

Tomorrow I've got a cute mani to share with you, featuring some nail strips. Don't wanna give to much away. hehehe Then Saturday I will have Butter London Petrol! I'm so excited. Been wanting that one forever and I have to get it swatched before my Juleps arrive. So much excitement. Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods? Any big plans for the weekend? Do share! I'm looking at a whole bunch of waiting. lol Take care, y'all! (^_^)"/"


  1. Yihaaaa! You did it!
    I can hardly wait for the swatches :-)

    1. YAY!! ^_^ I wish I could just hibernate until they get here. Patience is not my strong suit. lol


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