Saturday, January 17, 2015

Formula X: Racy +Nail Mail

Hello, darlings. I really wanted to get this up yesterday, but I messed up my shoulder pretty badly Thursday night so... I spent all day yesterday being a whiny, wincing baby. It's mostly better now. I did try to get my collection video, but after five failed takes I decided to give it a break. I have been enjoying my current mani immensely and now I will share that with you!

Two super fast drying coats of the amazing chromey chrome Formula X Racy:

Racy is a sort of pinkish lavender chrome. I did start to have some issues with dragging (it dries so fast!!), but a thick second coat applied quickly fixed all that.

I'm so glad these ended up being "for real" chromes since I got three of them. By that same token I'm glad I got three because they're for real chromes! hehehe I love chrome polish.

Nail mail! Finally got my last "end of year" Llarowe order.

Left to right: Barry M 311? (black crackle), Waikiki (*SQUEE!!!*), Ridley Road and Models Own Pray. I believe these were $3 each? Very good sale.

Trying really hard to get the pics for this last plate review, keep having little stamping snafoos. Goodness... so it looks like Models Own Orange Sorbet for tomorrow. A bit of bright neon in the dead of winter. lol Still working on ideas for the remaining #SBBNailChallenge prompts. Uhm... so, yeah. Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"


  1. Barry M... another one of those brands that everyone seems to be able to buy but I can't get them anywhere (without ridiculous shipping costs anyway) :(

    Racy is nice!! And pretty shiny too, I think I can actually see your reflection in the second picture :)

    1. Where do you live? See if you can find a "middle man" site that ships to you. Llarowe is able to get polishes from other places and offer them. I know I'm paying almost double what I would be able to in their country of origin, but better than not being able to get them at all...

      hehehe I do love a good chrome. With luck I'll be able to get my hands on the new Models Own ones without spending an arm and a leg.

    2. OMG OMG OMG... I found a web shop in Europe that ships to the Netherlands and sells Barry M!!!
      The polishes sell for about 6 euros each, so that's about 7 dollars atm.
      Coconut and Lychee, here I come!! :D

    3. YAY!! That's great!! :D Sucks having to pay a bit more, but having the option to be able to get them is just great. ^_^

  2. Oh that's nice, I didn't know formula x even haa chrome line. Then again I never look at their stuff cuz it's sooo expensive! :o

    1. Yeah, I never bothered looking too closely either until they went on sale. lol Crazy expensive!


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