Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Essence: Movie Star & Zoya: Imogen

Back to swatching! Yep, got a twofer today. Starting with two absolutely perfect coats of essence Movie Star:

I grabbed this one off of Storenvy, mostly because I could. I'm so glad I did! Movie Star is a perfect, medium-dark grey cream. Two coats, fast drying. Love.

So classy.

After some testing I decided that layering Imogen over Movie Star wouldn't really affect it one way or the other. Imogen is classed as a PixieDust, but...

Even with the sorta-texture and larger glitters I wouldn't class this as a PixieDust... magical or otherwise. Imogen is a very lovely black with holo glitter, to be sure; but if you're a die-hard PixieDust fanatic (and cried when Zoya announced they were discontinuing the line) then this won't exactly do it for you in that regard. It is pretty enough for video, though!

Exceptionally pretty, just not what I would call PixieDust...

Tomorrow! OMG! *checks clock* Fifteen hours from now the Models Own sale starts. I have everything set up and ready to go (including three alarms to make sure I wake up before 4am) and will be wearing Formula X Rocket Fuel for the occasion. Because it's chrome. And green. It will bring me luck! Then on Friday I'll share what I've been sporting these last couple of days. It's kewl. Okay, hope everyone is having a great week. See you tomorrow!! (^_^)"/"


  1. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed you can get all the polishes you want... and I'll be stalking your blog for those Chromes to appear :)
    Good luck!!

    1. Thank you! ^_^ I can't wait to be able to share them all.

  2. Both polishes are gorgeous <3 I have Movie star somewhere in my stash, it really is a great polish <3

    1. OMG I just love essence. ^_^ Almost never have issues with their products.


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