Saturday, January 31, 2015

Decluttering Update #7

So, the last one of these I did was back in September. lol I've got a bit of a mix here, so let's go!

Essence All Eyes On Me mascara! Yep, used it up. This is a very good mascara. I never had any problems with clumping or smudging.

I believe gin sent this mask. It kinda freaked Aaron out...

LOL He said it looked like my face was peeling off. I really enjoyed this mask, though. Very moisturizing and calming and soothing. Very nice.

I always have lip balms strewn about. Used up this one that I had kept by the computer. Nothing spectacular, but it got the job done.

Didn't technically use this up, but it was all broken apart so I dumped the pieces into another half used up compact. (today I did the same with a broken apart essence compact so now I have 3-in-1! lol)

This. OMG Lifesaver! I use this a lot when I just dye or straighten my hair so I can keep the look for as long as possible. Not Your Mother's dry shampoo is fabulous. Doesn't leave a white film on my hair, but manages to soak up and remove all of the dirt, sweat and oil from the day while leaving a nice matte finish. I replaced this one.

I never would have thought to use straight oil to moisturize my face, but since I got this as a free sample I had to give it a try. Tarte's Maracuja Oil did a great job of moisturizing my dry cheek region while not over-oiling my chin and forehead. This is $15 for 0.5oz which isn't horrible, it did last a long time, but... for now I'll try out this other sample I got.

So that's it. Hope you enjoyed this post? lol

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