Saturday, January 31, 2015

Butter London: Petrol & Essence: Glitz & Glam

Yep, ended up with a twofer today. Cosnova (the company that owns essence and Catrice) took pity on me when they had to break the news that HEB will no longer be selling essence products. *cries* I was sent a little goodie bag (which I'll be sharing in its entirety in a couple of days) and Glitz & Glam was in it. So, Glitz & Glam today and some makeup stuffs coming up soon. One more set of pics to get.

Before I get any further ahead of myself, we're starting off with Butter London Petrol! Which is described as "Sheer, tornate overcoat with the opalescent sheen of oil reflected in rain." Overcoat = sheer so this is two coats of Petrol over black:

Petrol (over black) is a gorgeous, smooth blue-purple duochrome. Very deep color, very strong shift.

Can't wait to compare this one. ^_^ If you're curious what Petrol looks like on her own, check out Pretty Tough Nails' swatch here. Love! I just don't have patience currently for four coats.

So what could possibly make such a stunning duochrome even better? How about green iridescent shimmer and pink glitter? Enter Glitz & Glam!

It may not look like much... it's grey and rainy again. >_< *GGRRRR* Trust me (you trust me, right? lol), it's gorgeous in real life.

*phew* Okay, so tomorrow I should have my last "face" in this makeup experiment completed and ready to post by Monday. I hope it works out. Tomorrow's actual post will be Models Own Coral Reef. Tonight! OMG! January is over so tonight I'll have a decluttering post for you. lol I know, it's been a while. Uhm.... *thinks*... I guess that's it. I do have an amazeballs #SBBNailChallenge idea I just need a break in everything to pull it off. Hope everyone's having a great weekend. Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"


  1. I... want... Petrol... *falls over, tries to grab for polish on monitor*

    Are there other stores that sell Essence? Keeping my fingers crossed you find a way to get them...

    1. Yes! If you get the chance you must get your hands on Petrol! ^_^ So pretty!

      Ulta does sell essence, but they're not always great about stocking the trend editions. :(


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