Saturday, January 3, 2015

Butter London: Henley Regatta Vs Nails Inc: Fitzroy Square

Happy Saturday, darlings! Today I have a glitter comparison! Been a while, right? I think? Anyway, let's start with the swatches.

Kicking things off with two coats of Butter London's Henley Regatta over Sleepy:

Yeah, I had issues with the overcastness again.

There we go. Henley Regatta is a very fine blue and green glitter. Applied smoothly, dried quickly. Very chic.

Up next - Two coats of Nails Inc Fitzroy Square:

One issue I had with Fitzroy Square was some major digs. I don't know if it was a dry time issue or if I just did something thoughtless with my hand... really not sure.

Same basic color scheme as Henley Regatta, but Fitzroy Square is a 3D effect polish so it offers more coverage and has some bigger blue hex glitters thrown in there.

Not the same, obviously. lol The upside is if you're looking for a blue and green glitter you have a choice between total bling or something more subdued. Or both. hehehe

Was hoping to have my #SBBNailChallenge done yesterday, but last night ended up kind of busy. I will get that done today and ready to post tomorrow. Gotta knock out some of these untrieds as well... have a few more polishes on the way since Llarowe is finishing up their end-of-year sale with even more markdowns. Yeah... I found some Barry Ms for $3 I had to snag. In addition to another big swap coming up! *falls over* Looks like it's time to get dressed and head out. Y'all have a great weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. I like the second one better, it gives more depth!

    1. So their 3D effect works! ^_^ It is really nice.


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