Sunday, December 13, 2015

Randomly Generated Water Marble

Hey, guys! Remember this?

I turned it into a water marble like I said I was going to. ^_^ Lookit me doing stuff. lol

Fortunately the colors I decided on first actually worked together.... in spite of the bubbling. One day I'll learn how to avoid and/or fix that.

Left to right: China Glaze Charmed, I'm Sure, Sinful Colors Easy Going and China Glaze Budding Romance. Overall I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

I only had one really wonky finger that didn't match the rest.

*pfft* Oh well. Always has to be one, right?

Got my Maven box!

I'll probably try out the makeups tomorrow since I don't feel like doing my hair today. Polish-wise I got (left to right): Trish, Elsa, Becky, Brenna and Katie. Yep, you read that right. I got Becky twice.... my bad... (it is; that was one of my add-ons lol Katie is the freebie... I guess I could tell myself it's the other way around....)

Anyway, I'm starving and the mister's awake so I guess that means it's time to get dressed. Y'all take care out there. Stay safe and warm and I'll see you again soon! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Odds & Ends

Hello, darlings! I should probably call this "Odds & Ends 2" since I'm fairly certain I have another post titled that from a few years ago, but... who's keeping track of these things, anyway? I'm not. So let's get on with it, shall we?

As I mentioned before, I've been wearing China Glaze Full Spectrum. Am still wearing it, actually. I'm so lazy.

Two coats over black. It's nice....... but I'm still bothered by the same thing that bothered me before........

The out of place rainbow of glitters. *ggrrr* I don't care how quickly Sims is loading, this is coming off tonight. Now that I've mentioned it it's bother me even more than it was. Still, the sparkle is nice.

I (finally) used up the last of my Julep Freedom Polymer topcoat on this.

It was an okay topcoat. I'd never pay Julep's full price for it, but if it comes in another Maven box I won't be upset.

So my Cover Girl Clean foundation (the normal stuff they've sold forever) is running low. I went to Walgreens with about $10 in reward points and to my surprise they had the Cover Girl & Olay Tone Rehab foundation on sale for the same price as the Clean foundation. Since Norma had already talked me into the Cover Girl & Olay Eye Rehab concealer and that's lasted forever, I decided it was worth a shot.

It has a whipped consistency and really nice (not too heavy) coverage. See?

I don't know yet if I'd be willing to pay full price for it. That will mostly be determined by how long it lasts. So far, though, I do like it and am glad that I've gotten the chance to try it for kind-of-free. Reward points aren't real money, right? ;)

(okay, sitting here proofreading my post and the more I looked at that pic the more it looks like my face is yellow looking compared to my neck... is anybody else seeing that?! *ugh*)

Last thing. The other day I was sitting here doing searches for money and on a whim looked up "random color generator" and this is what it gave me:

I kinda like that combo and plan on turning it into a water marble. Just as soon as I get this damn glitter off.... *pfft*

Uhm... I think that was it. Still waiting on my Julep box... and a few other things I've ordered. *groans* Anywho, going to try and remember to get the last of the pics I need for my vaguely mentioned "funny" post, water marble, still have four unworns pre-Julep... lots of stuff. Y'all take care out there and I'll see you soon with... something. (^_^)"/" Love you guys!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Essence: Never Stop Dreaming

So I was feeling lazy at a loss for what to pair Never Stop Dreaming with because it has a tinted base and I didn't want to go with just black. I decided that since it's not overly shiny metallic that Julep's Kerry would work just fine.

This is one coat of Never Stop Dreaming. Dried quickly and was easy to apply. I don't think I even added topcoat. Interesting story... when I grabbed it I barely looked other than "I don't have this" and just chalked it up to an orange glitter because of the base. Imagine my surprise when pink glitters came out. XD

I like it.

Apparently Never Stop Dreaming got me into a glitter mood because I dug around my poor, neglected China Glaze drawer and have been wearing Full Spectrum for a few days now. I think part of me is hoping my new stamper gets here so I can try it out over this mass of glitter (which I'll re-swatch for ya), part of me is dreading the removal... You know how it is. So, yeah. Stuff coming. Promise! Y'all stay safe and warm and I'll be back with... something! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Julep: Cheyenne & Kerry

Hello, lovelies. Today we're finishing off the Julep Matte Metallics. Yay! I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. All five of these polishes look amazing and omg the consistency! They all behave the same way so there's no surprises from one to the next. Slightly thick formula, two coats, decent dry time, easy cleanup. Pretty impressive. I wonder if they can keep it up. lol

Anyway, starting with two coats of Cheyenne. Not usually a fan of red polish, but this one didn't bother me too much. The subtle matte-ed shimmer really helps it out:

Up next is Kerry - the gold one:

We actually got some sun so I managed two pics for this one!

So pretty. ^_^ Overall, yes, I'm very happy with this collection for my birth month.

Uhm... still waiting on a couple of packages for two of my upcoming posts. *blah* So next I will have essence Never Stop Dreaming. That'll be fun. Time to get back to Sims. Almost done with the 100 Baby Challenge and am currently in the middle of an "ugly baby" experiment. The actual babies aren't ugly (they all look the same), but the resulting adults should be. *fingers crossed* Y'all take care of yourselves out there! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#SBBNailChallenge - 15 - Galaxies

Hello all of you beautiful peoples. I'm back with another #SBBNailChallenge post! This one was a little difficult to photograph since it has so much going on... hopefully you can tell what it is.

Challenge #15: Galaxies!

I knew I wasn't going to be able to do the fancy kind of galaxy nails, so I was pretty excited when my Bruton Mews & Melody combination laid out a decent base all on their own. I added a couple of extra "star" dots with A England Morgan Le Fay then did some sponging (followed by plain painting because the sponging was far too subtle) with Julep's metamorphic toppers Tyra and Björk. Ya know, to create that "ooooh, pretty nebula" kind of effect.

I've seen prettier galaxy nails with, like, the milky way and quasars and such, but... I'm happy with it.

Ka-chick! I think I'm going to do "Inspired by a favorite piece of clothing" next and I feel like absolutely nobody will be surprised that I have this shirt.... XD

Next, though, I'm going to have pics of Julep Cheyenne and Kerry. It's still overcast and miserable so only one pic of each. *ggrrr* That will finish off my Juleps until December's box gets here. Yay! Also, at some point, I'm going to do a *ahem* clothing review? Yep. It's gonna be a thing. A hilarious thing, if I do it right, so there's that to look forward to. Hope everybody is staying warm and dry out there. Y'all take care and stay safe! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nails Inc: Bruton Mews & Julep: Melody

I was going to mash two posts together, but I'll save the #SBBNailChallenge for its own post. For today I'm going to show off the base that inspired the challenge look starting with two coats of the amazing Nails Inc Bruton Mews:

This polish was a dream to work with. Not streaky, dried quickly and as dark as it is - cleanup was still pretty easy. Also, I love the color and that always helps.

Bruton Mews made a phenomenal base for the "shake it" glitter topper Melody:

Can I just point out that this is coming right off the heels of Julep telling people "omg don't shake our polish that is what makes it gloopy!". Yes, it's a peeve. Still, Melody, as thin and watery as it is (which is why the glitter sinks, ya know) wasn't hard to work with. If you're curious, here's what she looks like over a lighter base:

Pretty, but I often use lighter bases for iridescent glitters and thought I'd go different this time. Which worked out! You'll see how soon enough. ;)

Hope everyone is staying warm. It's absolutely freezing here in Texas and I hate it. Also because it's time to go out and grab dinner. *cries* Y'all take care out there and have a happy December! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sinful Colors: Chalk It Up & Essie: Yespadrilles

Hello, dolls! Today I have something fun and bright for you. It's been grey and dreary for a few days here, so bright nails was a nice change. I was going to make this a comparison, but once I got the polishes onto my nails.... they're really not similar enough to confuse.

Starting with two coats of Sinful Colors Chalk It Up:

Gorgeous matte spring green. Full coverage, dried quickly. I absolutely adore this color. ^_^

Up next is three coats of essie Yespadrilles.

In real life it could have used another coat. That aside Yespadrilles dried really quickly, it's a stunning blue-tinged mint green... with shimmer! Yes, shimmer.

See? Pretty.

That's about it for me. Just dropped the hubz at his friend's so I'm going to get back into Fallout 4. hehehe Up next I'm going to try something new (to me) so hopefully it works out. *fingers crossed* Y'all take care out there and I'll see you again in a few days! (^_^)"/"

Monday, November 23, 2015


There's always that one friend... whenever I ask "pick a color" I usually get "pink" or "purple"; imagine my surprise a couple of days ago when I received "black" instead. o_O Sure! It was actually the perfect opportunity to pull a mani off of my ever growing (and probably mostly forgotten) "to do" list. *thumbs up*

For any of you who've been sitting around wondering this whole time... essie's Belugaria is pretty much a textured version of Orly's Androgynie. Just with a bit more glitter.

And to satisfy Joyce's curiosity over the stampability of the new Julep Matte Metallics:

Here's a quick stamp-test with Julep's Jo. It works great! If it looks a little wonky that's because I need to invest in one of those larger squishy stampers. Which I will. It's on The List.

Yep, just a quickie post. Up next I'll have a comparison between Sinful Colors Chalk It Up and essie's Yespadrilles. That'll be fun and knock two off of my untrieds. Then I'll get back to working on the Juleps before my December box arrives. Hope everyone is staying warm. It got hella cold here real quick... Take care out there! (^_^)"/"

Friday, November 20, 2015

Julep: Rashida

Hai hai ^_^

So today I have yet another Julep Matte Metallic to share. Rashida! The copper one.

So far all of these Matte Metallics are behaving the same way, which I appreciate. Two coats, slow dry time for a matte, but average overall. The copper color is a little less weird than the silver because it kind of looks like suede or leather.

I think Rashida definitely falls under that slightly edgy, but still work appropriate category. I didn't mind the nuetralness for a while. Sometimes my eyes need a break. lol

Currently I'm wearing some oldies but goodies; the post for that will be next followed by... who knows? Probably SC Chalk It Up to get that out of the way. So many mattes all of a sudden. lol Not a problem I mind having. Don't forget it's time for Julep selections!!

I maybe went a little crazy this morning... lol I'm not getting that dark lip gloss, though. I picked a much lighter one. I think that's all for now. I'll be back in a couple of days or so to share the strangeness my chat buddy picked for my nails. Until then y'all take care of yourselves out there. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Julep: Jo + Color Club: Sunrise Canyon

Rolling right along the Julep train I have another of the matte metallics today - Jo! Due to predominantly inclement weather I only have one picture of her:

The matte silver does take a little getting used to (as silver is generally shiny, yeah?), but it's still pretty wicked. Two coats, did dry a little slow, but other than that no problems. Also, it made a perfect base for...

Color Club Sunrise Canyon which I've been hanging onto forever:

Yep, can't pass up a yellow-green polish. Even though it's only ever so slightly more yellow than Prickly Pear which I picked up at the same time.

Sunrise Canyon is way more opaque, but I chose to layer her because I just can't handle any sheer polish at the moment. So it was a "just in case" and "let's save remover" decision.

Up next I'll have Julep Rashida which is a very interesting matte copper. Joyce finally convinced me to try out a glass nail file and I found one on amazon for $2 so I don't have to feel too badly about the purchase. I've only heard good things, so... we'll see. Still loving Fallout 4. I'm 31 hours in and feel like I've only barely scratched the surface. Anyway... I guess I should go make dinner. lol Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Julep: Sonia +Essence: #Lucky +Fallout 4

Hello, dolls. Sorry for my awfulness. Things are finally winding down after the Fallout 4 release, but not entirely just yet. Still, I have managed to keep my nails looking pretty so here's what I've been up to:

If you recall I treated myself to Julep's entire Matte Metallic collection and since Sonia was the perfect color to go with my Vault suit costume I dove in with her first:

Two coats... dries a little slower than I tend to expect from a matte, but omg she's so pretty. I am truly impressed so far!

Sonia did go on a bit thick, so that may have something to do with the dry time. (I'm currently having the same issue with Jo - the silver one) Overall, though, the final look and decent wear time for a matte makes me one happy Lizzy.

I wish I could say the same for #Lucky...

It's not often I'm disappointed with an essence polish, but this is one of those times. This is three coats and I still see some VNL/PDL in real life. Not as noticeable in the pic, but it's there. Also, so much chipping! Could be due to using up the last of my cheap/franken basecoat, but it's still upsetting. I do love this in-your-face pink, though, so next time I'll have to remember some undies.

So Monday night was the Fallout 4 release. It was so crammed full of people! *dies* There were only two other people dressed up and I wish I knew who it was that got the pic of the four of us together, but... here's the one Amanda's girlfriend took of us (Aaron, me and Amanda plus a couple of photobombers lol) after we got checked in:

I could not believe I was the only person wearing a Vault suit!! O_O I expected to be one out of twenty, but nope! Just me. Which, I have to admit, was nice. lol (for those of you who don't know: the "thumbs up" is used by the game's mascot and is a throwback to an old "safety tip" in case of nuclear bombing. If your thumb covers the blast when held at arms length and eye-level, you're at a safe distance... I dunno about that, but that's why we're thumbs upping)

Aaron's glowing ghoul was, of course, a success. Which is good considering the insane amount of work we both put into it. He had the brilliant idea to mix highlighter fluid in with the latex and I used this tutorial to make a string of UV lights to make him glow.

A lot of work, but well worth it in the end.

Welp... my birthday is tomorrow, the 13th. Friday the 13th. lol No idea what we're going to do... except my mom's taking all of us to the Asian Buffet so that'll be nice. Other than that, probably more Fallout 4. Next post will be anything interesting that comes up during that and also Julep Jo which I'm loving, but also typing gingerly since I don't believe she's dry yet. Hope everyone is having a fantastic November and I will see you again soon! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Zoya: Aggie + Comparison

Good morning, everybody! I woke up way too early today. Going to try to push through and hopefully crash hard tonight. In the meantime I have some extra pretty prettiness to share, so let's get to it!

Starting off with two coats (I'm pretty sure it was two) of Zoya Aggie!

Aggie is a green-goldish duochrome with some subtle flecks of shimmer thrown in. The color shifts are much more noticeable in low light:

I should have used the other picture.... *ahem* Also, video helps.

I'm not generally a fan of gold, but Aggie comes off more bronze and very Fall appropriate.

So, what do I have to compare this with?

China Glaze Rare & Radiant and Eye Candy Liquid Gold. Exciting!

China Glaze is the most duochrome out of the three (still don't get everyone's problem with that collection...), Eye Candy and Zoya are very close to being dupes...


Eye Candy's Liquid Gold has a smidge more green while Zoya's Aggie is a tad brighter and has those flakes I mentioned earlier. Extremely close, but not quite dupes. More video!

Three more days 'til Fallout 4!! I'm so ready. Mostly ready; our costumes aren't quite done yet, but close. I did get my Juleps and totally deleted the pic, but... you can see it by clicking here! Isn't that handy? I'm going to find something to keep me awake. lol Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Essence: Don't Be Shy! + Halloween

Happy November! The days just keep getting away from me. I do have pictures sitting ready, just finding it difficult to make time. Fallout 4 looms ever closer and we're not quite ready for it. Hopefully we can make some decent progress tonight. For now, I do have a moment and I'd like to share, first, essence Don't Be Shy!:

Two coats... actually three... I had some issues with spasticly knocking into things so there is an extra coat on most of those nails. As you can see in the shade picture below Don't Be Shy! is more green than the full-sun pic would suggest. Still a very yellow yellow-green, but also green.

For Halloween I threw on some stamping with Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers' Nail In The Coffin and added some zombie decals which, apparently, are no longer available.... sorry.

Even though we had our Halloween costumes finished we almost didn't wear them, but then everyone was around for Skype and it was insisted upon, so... we dressed up.

In case you're wondering what's kept me away... I'll be honest... Sims and Minecraft. lol Minecraft on Xbox One is amazingly huge. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Also, I realize that EA is probably going to put toddlers back into Sims 4 sooner rather than later and I really want to finish the 100 Baby Challenge before that happens. That and finishing up these costumes for Fallout 4. I'll likely be around even less for a while when that comes out. As it is I have been doing my nails and taking pictures... I won't be surprised if my nails look like crap after a week of non-stop gaming. lol I will attempt to pull myself away long enough for a post of our outfits and such for that, and I do have a comparison post featuring Zoya Aggie all ready to go hopefully before that. For now I need to get the numbers onto the back of my jumpsuit, so... hope everyone is having a great November. Love you guys! (^_^)"/"