Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sally Hansen: Silk Onyx + Zoya: Nova + Julep: Sharna + Nail Mail

Hello, peoples! Yes, a lot to cover today since I skipped yesterday. So let's go ahead and get started, yeah?

First up, two quick-drying coats of Sally Hansen Silk Onyx. Gorgeous black matte with a bit of matte-ed (obviously?) sparkle:

Today has been all grey and overcast so to capture the sparkle I needed topcoat and flash and way up close:

That looks mostly green, but looking at the bottle there is also some pink/purple in there as well.

Since I already had a black base on I decided to go ahead and knock out some glitters! Starting with one coat of Zoya Nova:

Just a simple glitter, nothing terribly fancy, but the color is pretty and the coverage is good.

Not sure if you can tell in the bottle, but Nova has a purpley-red tinted base:

Since I do have two hands I decided to also try out Julep Sharna:

Fine bronze-gold glitter in a clear base. The coverage on this one was really good, too.

I really like Sharna (except maybe the name...) a lot more than I expected to.

More Nail Mail!!

Dopey, Sleepy and Movie Star because it was right there with the other two. lol Only two more Dwarves to track down! Haven't seen Grumpy, yet. I did find Doc on Storenvy, but he's all the way in Australia and... yeah... not gonna pay the shipping on that. *boo*

I've come up with a great idea for the #SBBNailChallenge 45 - Texture! hehehe It's going to be cool. First, though, I want to go ahead and swatch my two new Nails Inc polishes. I'm just too excited about them to put them off. lol With luck I'll have some nice structured curly hair pics tomorrow. *fingers crossed* I fully expect to burn myself at least twice. Wish me luck! Hope everyone's had a fantastic weekend. See you tomorrow with some Nails Inc! Take care and happy polishing!! (^_^)"/"

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