Thursday, December 25, 2014

Models Own: Hot Pink

Hello, loves! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Those of you who celebrate. Today I've got two coats of Models Own Hot Pink over a coat of white. I'm starting with a "tester" pic I took the other night in my room with the flash because this one ended up being the most color accurate. :p

Not quite as neon as I'm used to, but a very nice, bright pink.

So here's what happened when I tried to go outside for pictures today...

Uhm... what is that?

Well... I certainly have no idea what happened there. Glad I got that first picture.

So tomorrow I'm going to combine a #SBBNailChallenge post with my review of BPS plate BP29, then Friday I'm going to have a hair post detailing my adventures in curling. It's kind of funny so you'll want to come back for that. Or not. I dunno. Assuming nothing goes awry I should be on my way to IKEA on Monday! hehehe Helmer helmer hel-mer! Helmer helmer hel-mer! Going to see if I can manage two. That would be exceptionally helpful. If not, one would be fantastic. Just going to have to clean up around my area a bit.

Anybody get any nice polish-related goodies for xmas? Please, share!! I'm jonsing. lol So, yes, that is what is coming up. Time to post up and take stock around here. Y'all take care out there!! (^_^)"/"


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