Monday, December 8, 2014

Julep: Aurora

Hey, guys. Didn't sleep much so I'm a little off my game today. Please bear with me.

Julep Aurora. Silver chrome that is more like what their previous "metallics" (namely Melanie and Piper) should have been.

Two coats... two pretty thick coats. Aurora was pretty thick which is weird because Harley was apparently not. I don't know where I'm going with this. I forgot about Harley or I would've done a comparison. Another for the list...

Aside from the extended dry time and some weirdness during cleanup, I also got this bit here thanks to the thickness:

Polish blob. Not a huge deal, just make sure you get as much excess off of the brush as possible before trying to apply it.

I haven't heard anything about rain or clouds coming up so tomorrow I'm going to take the plunge with NOPI That's What I Mint which, let's not forget, is not mint colored. lol I did remember to pick up some bottled water so I'm going to start water marble testing. *fingers crossed* Oh, has anybody else noticed Wet n Wild on clearance? HEB has the polishes on clearance (everything except the Megalast) so I'm wondering if they're finally revamping their Wild Shine and fastdry lines. Let me know if you hear anything. In the meantime y'all take care and have a great week. (^_^)"/"


  1. Interesting. At my Walmart they phased out the WnW line completely and just left us with the crappy Drew Barrymore line. Hope that's not happening to you guys

    1. Drew Barrymore?! o_O I wonder if we're going to get that? lol So far it's just the fast dry and wild shine lines that are disappearing. The Megalast is still sitting there stocked and full price. >_> Time will tell...

    2. Interesting. I don't know exactly what happened because the cosmetics lady seemed to have no clue. I was pissed as hell though

    3. ....what is with cosmetics employees not knowing wtf is going on in their own department? I would be ALL OVER IT!


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