Monday, December 29, 2014

I- I- I- IKEA!!

Anybody else old enough to remember Night At The Roxbury? lol *ahem* Yes, I finally made it to IKEA! Something that I have not read and only learned today, and will now share with you, apparently one must be inducted into IKEA by someone who has already been there before. Is this official? I doubt it; but I could not have made it through that massive behemoth of a store without Brak's help. She was also inducted by someone. It is a very overwhelming store. I mean, c'mon, this place is huge!!

That's only half of it!! So huge is the IKEA that they offer maps even though there is a path that runs through the store with arrows pointing the way.

Brak and I made our way through IKEA at a relatively brisk pace. Me looking side-to-side quickly scanning for the Helmers while exclaiming "oh cool!" and "I want that!" and "I love IKEA!" every few moments. I think she got a little tired of hearing it. hehehe

Eventually we did find the Helmers and she told me, "Now you write down the aisle and bin numbers so we can find them in the warehouse". So I did.

We made our way through the rest of the store fairly quickly, stopping a few times so she could show me their "mini-houses" which I loved! When we finally got to the warehouse and located the Helmers we discovered they were heavier than I thought they would be (think giant bag of dog food) so we had to backtrack for a cart. Finally finally we got my preciousses into the car!

Yep, grabbed a catalogue. We still had to go to REI (r.e.i.?) and then I still had to go out to grab stuff with Aaron. Finally I was able to sit down and assemble my Helmers. I had help. lol


The directions were not difficult to follow at all. I was particularly proud when I grabbed the right bars for the right side the first time!

Icarus is not quite as impressed with me as I was with myself...

The most fun part for me was putting the drawers together. They start out flat! XD

Perfect fit!


The first one took me about 45 minutes to assemble; the second only 20 minutes. It was so easy and so fun. I could assemble Helmers for a living.

Now, the part that I'm sure Sandy is chomping at the bit for. lol Specs! Realistic specs such as: A Helmer will take up about as much floor space as a slightly pudgy housecat!

LOL *ahem* Okay, so my previous (and also current) polish storage solution was these 3-drawer deals from Walmart. The Helmer is slightly bigger than those.

Mostly I like that the drawers will prevent me from getting sloppy and just piling polish on top of itself.

Yes, I had to rearrange some stuff and my makeup box ended up taking up a former drawer space.

I don't know if they do it anywhere else, but around here for high school graduation there is a furniture store that gives away these free wooden "memory" boxes. The drawer is exactly as wide and deep as one of those. (yes, mine needs cleaning; it's been through a lot)

"But Lizzy! What about polish?!" OMG I'm getting there. lol I started a drawer of Juleps because that seemed easiest.

One Helmer drawer is twelve Juleps wide and... decidedly more than that longways.

Hopefully I will end up with more drawer space than I currently know what to do with, but... I'm not getting my hopes up. lol

I am going to take some asprin and fire up Sims. Also try to get some of this polish actually organized. *fingers crossed* Uhm... yeah. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! (^_^)"/"


  1. who is that tortie? i didn't know you had a tortie!! or did i? *ahem* i'm so glad the polishes fit perfectly! hope there's enough drawers for them. :) and no, didn't get tired of your exclamations. happy to have another ikea-admirer cause it's only fun to visit ikea with someone who REALLY likes ikea. maybe next time we can walk slow and they won't be constructing anymore. :D

    1. That is Saleen! ^_^ The really skinny, jittery one we got from Sandra. She's better now. Well, fatter. Still crazy, though. We will definitely have to make a special trip just to wander and exclaim and admire! I wonder if they'll have some kind of announcement on the website when the construction is done?

  2. YAAY! I knew you'd break eventually and get a Helmer or two! Looks great!

    1. Thanks! Yes, that moment I said would never come.... has. With a vengeance. I can see myself getting two or three more once I decide I'm ready to really clean up this corner and reorganize everything. lol


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